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Who Am I? (Primary Grades)

Deborah Ford
Santa Rosa District Schools


This is a great activity for the beginning of the school year. The students identify their names, follow directions, listening skills and it is an informal way of learning their classmates name. I have found doing this activity at the end of the day about 10 minutes before the students go home helps them to calm down before we leave. We turn the main lights out in the room and only the little lamps are on. Then we begin.


The student knows the sounds of the letters of the alphabet.


- Posterboard cut in 11 x 8 pieces. 1 for each student and teacher (1 sheet = 6 pieces)
- Black magic marker


1. Cut white posterboard 11 x 8 (1 sheet = 6 pieces)

2. Students and teacher name written on each piece with a black magic marker.

3. Class roster to check off whether the student recognized his/her name.


1. Pass out the posterboard with the names of each student and the teacher (can not have their own name).

2. Pick a student to start.

3. Begin with this student(1) standing and holding up his/her card.

4. Turn the card so all students can see the name.

5. Have the students identify the name on the board.

6. Student(2) raises hand if it is his/her name.

7. Student(1) holding card will walk over to the student(2) whose name he/she has and give it to him/her.

8. Next have student(2) hold up his/her card.

9. Repeat steps 3 through 8.

10. Continue until all students have their own name.

11. Use the class roster to make a notation if a student could not recognize his/her name.

12. Go to attached weblink for an ABC game that will give the students practice.


*Note this is a 5 day lesson done the first week of school. So by the end of the 5 days each student should meet the below criteria.

Observe that each student accomplishes the following:
- Identify their name
- Follow directions
- Paying attention
- Cooperative learning

If a student does not meet these criteria then he/she needs to practice writing his/her name. Also, lesson number 4338 is a follow up for practicing their name.

Web Links

Pick the object that starts with the letter shown.
ABC game

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