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Popcorn Literacy

Stephanie Callaway
Marion County Schools


Try popcorn and a great book! Students will participate in a book share that facilitates mastery of literary elements (in a delicious way). At the conclusion of a book, students are required to discuss setting, plot, character, problem, and solution/resolution in a presentation format. This lesson also provides for creative representation and nurtures the love of reading.


The student listens attentively to the speaker, including making eye contact and facing the speaker.

The student organizes a speech using a basic beginning, middle, and ending.

The student understands the development of plot and how conflicts are resolved in a story.


-White deli paper bags (5lbs) one per student
-Popcorn for students (approximately one cup per student)
-Coloring materials (crayons, colored pencils)
-Presentation Guide from associated file, two per student
-One class roster


1. Make popcorn.
2. Make two copies of the Presentation Guide for each student. One copy will be used for student self-assessment and the other will be used as the summative assessment tool (See associated file).
3. Collect or purchase a white paper bag for each student.
4. Gather coloring materials for student use.


This is a culminating event used after students have read a novel. Assessments are performed individually as students present their story.

Day 1

1. Review literary elements (setting, plot, character, problem, and solution/resolution).

2. Provide instructions for successful completion of expectations (Presentation Guide, associated file).

3. Students are given directions for completing the white paper bag:
-On one side, identify the following: Title, Author, Other books by the same author, AR point value
-On the other side, illustrate with labels favorite scene (characters, setting, etc)

4. Provide instructions for note cards to be used during presentation:
-One note card for each of the following literary elements: setting, character, problem, and solution/resolution

5. Provide students time to complete the preceeding tasks.

Day 2

6. Students sit in a large circle outside (or inside, large space is required).

7. Before presentations begin, fill each student bag with popcorn.

8. Students orally present their book using the illustrated bag for a visual tool and note cards for presentation of facts (see Presentation Guide, associated file).

9. Use a class list to randomly assess individual students for listening attentively to the speaker, including making eye contact and facing the speaker.
(Another adult may be used to assess this standard during presentation (parent volunteer/teacher assistant)


Summative Assessment (see Presentation Guide, associated file):
1. Students receive a grade which reflects his/her abilitiy to identify the following story elements (LA.E.1.2.2):
-Identify plot (problem/resolution)

2. The summative assessment also address the following skill (LA.C.1.2.4):
-Listens attentively to the speaker, including making eye contact and facing the speaker.

3. Organization of the speech will include note cards, a summary of interesting details, and a display on a bag including title, author, an illustration, and other specific information vital for organizing the speech (LA.C.3.2.6):
-Identify main/supporting character(s)
-Identify setting

4. Students will receive the completed assessments with a score grade. Additional comments may be added, which detail suggestions for improvement.


1. This activity may be used to cover novels read as a whole class.
2. Students may be put into small groups to cover literary elements (setting, plot, character, problem, and solution/resolution). Each group is responsible for presenting the assigned literary element. This type of group activity will facilitate the success of ESE/ESOL learners.

Attached Files

Presentation Guide     File Extension: pdf

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