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Party Time

Cheryl Carasick
Marion County Schools


Students create a schedule to provide to the guests of a birthday party. This activity incorporates elasped time, time duration, and AM and PM.


The student knows about measurement of time including using A.M. and P.M., clocks and calendars.


-Example of a schedule (see associated file) for a transparency
-Judy Clocks for each student
-Overhead Projector
-Copies of Rubric for each student (see associated file)


1.Inform the students the day before this activity that they must know the dates of their birthdays for the next day's activity.
2. If they do not come in prepared, have each student's birthday written and available before this activity.
3. Gather materials and duplicate the sample schedule to make into a transparency and the rubrics to distribute to students.


1. Students will be provided with a Judy Clock (hand held mechanical teaching clock.) Students will need to practice setting their clocks, hear a review of AM and PM, and practice calculating the time in minutes between a beginning time and an ending time. The teacher will need to circulate and kids will need to give and share their answers so as to check to make sure they understand how to do it. Once all students can demonstrate setting their clocks for a beginning and ending time, review how to calculate the elapsed time (in minutes). Provide several examples and monitor students to make sure they can calculate the elapsed time.

2. Students will be informed that they are planning their own birthday parties. Share the criteria with students. (see assessment)

3. Review with the students how calendars are set up. Distribute year calendars or refer to a large one in the classroom. Have the students pick a date on a calendar to check their knowledge of calendars. For example: Ask students to pick the closest Saturday to Christmas, last Saturday, etc. Make sure they choose the right day and date. Then have each student look at a calendar and choose a date that would be best to have his/her party. The date must be on a Saturday and during the month of the birthday.

4. Inform students that their parties must last 5 hours and fifteen minutes. They must also provide their guests with the following: lunch, cake, and at least three different games. Discuss with the students reasonable times for party activities. You might want to make a chart or list on the board for students to use. (For example: Lunch 30 - minutes, Pin the Tail on the Donkey - 45 minutes) Show or review how to add times together to determine if their party activities equal 5 hours and 15 minutes. Provide examples and have students calculate the time in minutes. You might need to review how to change minutes into hours, or you might just give a total of minutes (315) to equal the five hours and 15 minutes.

5. Provide the students with an example of what a schedule looks like. Point out that the times match AM and PM times, the minutes are reasonable according to the chart, and the total equals the 5 hours and 15 minutes.

6. Review the rubric with students.

7. The students create their party schedule. Circulate and offer feedback and assistance.


Assess students as they create an agenda for a birthday party to show they know measurement of time using AM and PM, clocks and, calendars. Their agendas include:
- A Saturday calendar date for the party.
- A beginning and ending time for the party using AM and PM
- A schedule of the beginning and ending time of each party activity (event) using AM and PM

Formatively assess each students' party agenda using the rubric (see associated files). Provide corrective feedback and provide additional practice for students whose agendas are not satisfactory.


This lesson can be intergrated into Social Studies unit on customs of different cultures. The students can research different cultures celebrations of birthdays, birthday games, and traditional foods served at birthday parties.

Web Links

This provides students with an example of a schedule. It also illustrates the importance of having a schedule.
Example of a schedule

Attached Files

Children's trade books on birthday parties     File Extension: pdf

Teacher example of a schedule     File Extension: pdf

Party Time rubric     File Extension: pdf

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