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Choose a Book You'll Like

Martha Todd
Santa Rosa District Schools


After a class discussion of how to choose a book, students complete class and personal charts which will be used to help select books to read.


The student uses a variety of criteria to choose own reading (for example, author's style, themes, knowledge of genres, text difficulty, recommendations of others).


- A collection of books of different genres and reading levels
- Class chart (may be enlarged from file)
- Marker
- Student copies of the chart (see file)


1. Enlarge copy of “Favorite Books” chart (see file)
2. Make a copy of chart for each student
3. Gather a collection of books of different genres, levels, and themes


1. Display the books in the front of the room. Have a discussion about how these books are different.
2. After briefly looking at the books together, have some students choose a book that they would like to read and give their reasons to the class. Discuss the different reasons we choose the books we choose.
3. Discuss with the students that adults also have reading preferences. Share your own.
4. Show the class the chart and explain that their classmates can help them know more about a book. Have a student volunteer to put a good book that they have read recently on the chart, explaining as this is done. Students rate the book like we rate restaurants. Five stars is the very best, down to one star, not very good.
5. Depending on how your classroom operates, explain when and how you want them to add the new books they read to the chart. Due to space, only add books you rated three stars or higher.
6. Distribute student copies of the chart. Students will complete their own chart of all books they read. This chart will be checked periodically to see if students are using the class chart, and what the student’s preferences are.
7. Occasionally meet with the class at the chart and discuss a few of the favorite books.


Students keep their personal chart in a convenient location and complete it on their own when they have finished a book. They then take their chart to the teacher who approves the book's placement on the class chart. To assess the student's awareness of the criteria they used to select their book, each student marks their own chart by highlighting or circling the criteria that they used to select that book. Each student will have one entry on the class chart and at least 2 on their student chart in a 3 week period.


Students write a book teaser to share with the class to encourage them to read the book.
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