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Luscious Language Boxes

Shelley Mann
Santa Rosa District Schools


An inextricable link is created between writing with pizzazz and an infusion of luscious language. A magical Luscious Language Box is prepared to use as a year-long reference.


The student drafts and revises writing in cursive that-focuses on the topic;-has a logical organizational pattern, including a beginning, middle, conclusion, and transitional devices;-has ample development of supporting ideas;-demonstrates a command of language including precision in word choice;-generally has correct subject/verb agreement;-generally has correct verb and noun forms;-with few exceptions, has sentences that are complete, except when fragments are usedpurposefully;-uses a variety of sentence structures; and-generally follows the conventions of punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

The student understands that word choices can shape reactions; perceptions, and beliefs.


-Jane Bell Kiester's CAUGHT'YA, Maupin House
-A set of index cards for each student
-An index card box for each student
-Overhead Projector and write-on transparencies
-Thesaurus - one per student


1. Obtain index card boxes for each student
2. Obtain a set (50) of index cards for each student
3. Prepare overhead projector and write-on transparencies


1. Teacher quietly sits at overhead projector and begins to write a very dull, lifeless, and basic description of the classroom.
2. Throughout the writing of this descriptive paragraph, teacher yawns and appears to nod off to sleep.
3. Teacher stops mid-sentence in the last sentence, and puts her head down on the overhead as if asleep.
4. In time, students will (hopefully!) attempt to wake the teacher. If not, the teacher bumbles awake.
5. Teacher awakens with concerns over why he/she fell asleep. Teacher guides discussion to indicate that doziness was caused by lack of pizzazz in writing.
6. Students assist teacher in making modifications to writing in order to give it more pizzazz.
7. At conclusion of re-write, teacher points out the use of more descriptive language as a strategy in adding pizzazz to writing.
8. Student volunteer offers to create a non-pizzazz paragraph on overhead.
9. Class edits the non-pizzazz paragraph adding more descriptive words.
10. At this point teacher introduces the term Luscious Language. Teacher points out that it would be wonderful to have a magic box filled with Luscious Language to access during writing.
11. Teacher pulls out her Luscious Language Box and invites the students to make one of their own.
12. Box is divided into sections for the eight parts of speech: Adjective, Adverb, Noun, Interjection, Verb, Conjunction, Pronoun and Preposition.
13. Students are then able to use thesaurus, class lists, novels, and any other reference source to create index cards of luscious language. Stress that these should be words that the students get -tingley- over and give them -heart palpitations- because the words are so glorious. The words should be formatted on the cards as follows:
a. part of speech
b. root word
c. definition
d. sentence using word
14. Students then write their own dull paragraph. Students then trade papers and the receiving student takes the dull paper and uses Luscious Language to give it pizzazz.
15. Selections are shared in the Author's Chair - a special adult type location for sharing special writing.


The next day, students are given a set of five Luscious Language selections. They prepare index cards for each of these five words. The students take these words home to study. The next day an assessment is given asking the students to use each word in a sentence - correctly - and name the part of speech and root word. Criteria for assessing mastery would be correct use of the Luscious Language in the students' sentence.
The assessment can be extended to include a teacher developed -dull paragraph- which the students must enliven using Luscious Language. Accuracy and learning will be evaluated based on word choice, variety, and correct usage. A holistic scoring (evaluating the piece for its whole presentation rather than for individual componenets such as conventions, support, etc. ) would be recommended for this paragraph.


Weekly Luscious Language quizzes - emphasizing a new list of words - can be administered using segregated sentences or revising dull paragraphs into paragraphs with pizzazz. The use of Kiester's CAUGHT'YA is an excellent reference for the use of Luscious Language with a weekly list of words.
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