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Little Red Riding Hood

Michele Gibbs
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students review story elements such as plot and setting. This lesson is appropriate for lower performing students.


Organize and retrieve oral, print, or visual information for specified purposes.


-Rubric handout
-Overhead projector
-Overhead pens
- A copy of "Little Red Riding Hood"


Prepare copies of the rubric for handout and a transparency.


1 Write the story elements (characters, setting, plot including the conflict and the resolution) on the board or on the overhead projector. Review the meaning of each term.

2. Read the story of "Little Red Riding Hood."

3. In small groups the students identify the story elements from the story.

4. The students write a summary of the story which include elements step 1.

5. Students share their summaries orally. Lead the class in a discussion of the various ideas.

6. Place a transparency of the rubric on the overhead and explain each area that will be assessed.

7. Instruct the students to list the story elements from a story that they have been reading independently in Silent Sustained Reading.

8. While the students are working on their summaries, monitor what
they are writing and assist the students who are having trouble.

9. Assess the writing using the rubric. (see Associated File)

10. Review the assessments with the students so they can do better next time.


Note: This lesson only formatively assesses the studentís ability to identify the elements in a story.

The students write a summary of the elements in the story that they read. The paragraph will be assessed with a rubric that looks at the elements: main characters, setting, plot including the conflict and resolution. (See Associated File)


Have the students present their summaries to the class.

Attached Files

Story Elements Rubric      File Extension: pdf

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