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Fitness is Fun!

Joy Grace
Santa Rosa District Schools


Fitness is Fun empowers special populations to select activities that appeal to them as well as those that fit their abilities and lifestyle. Self-selection of accessible, individual fitness activities (rather than inaccessible or group sports) results in a higher frequency of participation in fitness activities now and in the future.


Complete personal care, health, and fitness activities.


-From associated file, copy of Fitness choice card and Rubric for Evaluation for each student
-Stickers with pictographs or symbols to represent each activity
-6 Posters with pictographs or symbols to represent each activity
-Envelopes or Ziplock bags labeled with each student’s name
-Equipment for each fitness station
1. Bowling: Plastic pins and balls
2. Basketball; Hoops and balls
3. Dance/Jazzercise: TV, VCR, instructional tape
4. Aerobics/ Floor exercise: mats TV, VCR, instructional tape
5. Yoga TV, VCR, instructional tape
6. Walk/run Audio tapes or CD’s with walk/ run programs


Enlist parents, peer tutors, or community volunteers to “man” each fitness station.
1. Set up the following fitness station in designated activity areas. Mark each station with a poster with a pictograph or symbol for this activity.
· Bowling
· Basketball
· Walk /Run
· Dance or Jazzercise
· Aerobics/ or calisthenics
· Yoga

2. Copy from associated file (one for each student)
· Fitness choice card
· Rubric for evaluation

3. Make computer generated or hand drawn stickers to match the 6 activities.


Note: This lesson can be adapted to any menu of leisure activities. It is taught after individual activities at each station have been instructed and understood.

Session 1
1. Ask students: How many of you have seen commercials on television that show people sweating and exercising? What products were they selling? (Sports drinks, shoes, sports cars, etc).Why do they make difficult activities like rock climbing, basketball, and bike racing look so fun and “cool”? (Supervised, challenging exercise keeps you healthy, helps with weight control, and is entertaining.)What activities have you done that were fun? Which ones were not fun? (Emphasize that students do not have to enjoy everything: they have to develop personal preferences based on skills, availability, and enjoyment levels. Also emphasize that there is an activity for every person will enjoy; students may need to explore activities)

2. Explain to students that today they are going to visit 6 student fitness stations. After they complete each station they will have to think about how much fun it was (or was not) for them. After visiting all six activities, they must select their favorite four activities.

4. At each station, the volunteer will briefly review the name of the activity and how to do the activity. Students stay at each station for 5 minutes and participate in each activity. At the end of the activity, students make a choice whether they liked the activity. If they like the activity, they pick up the sticker from that center and place it in their sticker envelope (or Ziplock bag).

5. After the students have visited all six stations, they return to a group area where they share their evaluations. Emphasize that diversity is normal and there are no right and wrong answers. Each student then (with volunteer assistance) pastes 4 stickers, representing his or her 4 favorite activities, on the Fitness choice card. These cards are then collected for the next session.

Session 2
1. Review yesterday’s activities and the diverse evaluations that followed. Pass out a Fitness choice card to each student. Instruct each student to follow the schedule on his or her card. Tell them that they will draw a face to indicate how they felt about each activity. (Happy, indifferent, sad)

2, Students are then directed to each fitness center for four 10-15 minute sessions. Allow 3-5 minutes between each activity for movement and resting.

3. After the 4th time block, assemble students in a group to assess personal favorites. Ask students if they would do activity at home if they had the appropriate equipment. Help students work through any problems that may inhibit them from continuing this activity at home.


Note: This activity addresses completion of fitness activities only.
Process Goal: This activity stresses display of self-management only.

Student “schedules” with selection stickers serve as evidence that students are making personal choices. Student evaluation of each activity allows students to refine likes and dislikes in fitness activities.

As a formative assessment, observe students as they select and participate in 4 of the 6 fitness stations. Complete the attached rubric to assess:
· The degree to which students indicate a personal preference of favorite fitness activities
· If the student initiates activity at each station
· How the student sustains or expresses intent to complete the activity


An extended goal of this program is to establish life-long wellness habits.
(Complete productive and leisure activities used in the home and community)

It may be helpful to communicate student preferences and equipment needs to the student’s parent or caregiver and then monitor student participation in fitness activities outside the school setting.

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Attached Files

Fitness choice card ( student schedule) and Rubric for Evaluation.     File Extension: pdf

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