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Reading Restaurant

Janice Wilkins
Santa Rosa District Schools


Transform your classroom into a Reading Restaurant where students enjoy a variety of book titles through oral reading.


The student restates or paraphrases text by summarizing.

The student analyzes information from one textual source to create a report.


-Menus (Student book Reports)
-Book Report Outline: Book Title, Author, Type of Book, Setting (write a paragraph), What is the Book About (write a paragraph briefly introducing the characters and summarizing the plot), and Why I Liked This Book (write a paragraph.)
-Colored Pencils
-White paper 13”L by 5”W
-Chef’s Hat
-Drinks(provided by teacher)
-Snacks(provided by teacher)


1. Allow time for AR reading each day.
2. Give students copy of Book Report Outline as prepared by teacher according to directions under Materials.
3. Laminate book reports.


1. After completing a recent AR novel, students write a book report (plans under Materials) and draw a book cover for their novel (include title and author). This should be done on one sheet of white paper 13-L by 5-W. The book report is on one side of the paper and the cover illustration is on the other side. This will be the student's Menu.
2. When book reports are complete, the teacher grades them and then laminates them.
3. The teacher announces the day of the Reading Restaurant.
4. On this day, the classroom is turned into a restaurant using classroom desks pushed together to make tables and covered with tablecloths.
5. Students are given jobs: Chef: Mixes up menus and organizes them into types... adventure, mystery, etc. Maitre’de: Calls on each student to share menu. Waiters/Waitresses: Take orders for type of books from customers (students), pass out Book Reports, and pass out snacks and drinks. Customers: Students that do not have a specific job.
6. Customers sit and enjoy their drinks and snacks while the waitresses and waiters take orders and serve menus. Customers order whatever type of novel they would like to read about.
7. Chef arranges menus according to novel types.
8. As waiters and waitresses take orders, they go to the Chef and place the orders. The Chef locates the specific types of novels ordered and hands menus to waiters and waitresses.
9. Waiters and waitresses hand out menus to customers.
10. Customers silently read their menu that they ordered and ask for clarification of anything from the student who wrote the menu.
11. Maitre’de calls on customers one at a time to share their menu with the class.
12. Student stands in front of restaurant (class) and reads the menu and shows the illustration.


Book report will be graded using the EZ Grader with a total of six possible points for the six items addressed on the Book Report Outline.
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