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I Choose Card # . . .

Glenn Rutland
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students practice problem solving and creative thinking in order to develop an answer/solution for the prompt on a chosen activity card.


The student establishes a clear, central focus with little or no irrelevant or repetitious information.


-Index cards
-Copies of the rubric; one per student or per group(see associated file)
-Overhead projector
-Overhead marker
-Poster board (optional)
-Markers (optional)


Prepare several (either one per student or enough for one per group of students) index cards with one activity written on each. Some examples are given in the associated file. Make copies of the rubric (also in the associated file).


1. Give students a copy of the rubric (see associated file).
2. Place activity cards in a basket on a desk or table.
3. Select a card from the basket and provide an answer on the overhead. Include a sentence that does not belong. Then model checking the writing with the rubric and have students identify the sentence that does not belong. Mark through the inappropriate sentence.
4. Have students take turns selecting one card from the basket. This card with instructions will be the assignment.
4. Have students follow the instructions on the card.
5. Students present their work to the class.


Formatively assess student writing to provide feedback concerning how to improve future writing. Writing should be assessed using the rubric in the associated file.


1. Students can make up activities of their own and have their classmates develop solutions for them.
2. Cards can be developed using particular themes or topics that are currently being studied in the classroom.
3. Complete the activities in groups to assist students who may work better in groups.

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Ideas for activity cards and suggested rubric.     File Extension: pdf

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