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Are You Talking About Me?

Susan LosHuertos
Lee County School District


Student creates a beginning level Power Point presentation using facts about themselves. Lesson focuses on Power Point tasks: outlining, inserting clip art and images from Internet, customizing presentation with transitions and animation.


-Comic strips from the daily newspaper, one per student.
-Envelope, one per student
-Computer lab with Power Point and Internet Access
-Teacher station computer with LCD projector
-Floppy disk


1. A computer lab must be reserved for a total of 180 minutes.

2. Teacher needs to make a New Folder on each student computer so that student presentations can be saved in My Documents in that folder.

3. Teacher must follow the guidelines for the school in regard to Internet access.

4. Students will need to plan three slides that describe interesting facts about themselves.

5. Teacher may model learning that will take place by preparing and showing a Power Point presentation about self.

6. Gather comic strips from the daily newspaper, one per student.

7. Cut comic strip up between frames, numbering reverse side for correct order.

8. Place each cut up comic strip into individual envelope.


1. Distribute Comic Strip Envelopes.

2. Pair student with neighbor. Have each student empty the comic strip envelope, randomly arrange the frames, and tell the paired student one sentence about each frame. Lead students to discover that random order does not make sense.

3. Ask students to order sequentially the comic strip frames and check the order on the back of the frames.

4. Lead students in discussion on sequence and planning when telling a story.

5. Instruct students in the task they will perform using Power Point, telling three facts about themselves with a title and end slide.

6. Distribute the Checklist for Power Point Presentation. Explain the criteria. Explain that all students will present their presentations, while class individually scores each one.

7. Model all steps students will do. Teacher may show prepared Power Point.

8. Ask students to click on the Power Point icon on the desktop.

9. Open a blank presentation. Save. Each student will have a designated folder in My Documents, Period ___.

10. Direct students to View menu. Choose Toolbars. Select Standard, Formatting, Drawing, and Outline.

11. Click inside the Click to add title box and then type the title of your presentation.

12. Click inside the Click to add subtitle and type the subtitle.

13. Look at the outline on the left of the screen that now shows the first slide. Click on the end of the subtitle.

14. To change to a new slide, press Enter; then click on the first arrow ( on the left side of the Outline pane) to Promote a new slide.

15. Continue to plan your slides in the Outline pane, assigning topics to each slide.

16. On the Format menu, select Apply Template Design. Choose a design.

17. On the Format menu, select Slide Color Scheme. Select the color scheme you like.

18. From Outline pane, choose Slide Two. On Format menu, select Slide Layout.

19. Choose a slide layout that has text and graphics. Double click on graphic box to insert clip art. Select a graphic to insert. On the View menu, Toolbars, Picture. Click on Recolor Picture. Select new colors. Click OK.

20. Minimize Power Point. Open Web Browser. Locate an image to insert on your Power Point. Right click on the image. Copy. Close the Internet. Maximize Power Point. Paste the image, resizing to fit.

21. After all text and graphics are on slides, your Title and End Slides are completed, begin with Title Slide. Go to menu Slide Show, Custom Animation.

22. For all parts or each slide, choose the animation effect.

23. Select your first slide. Click on Slide Show menu, select Slide Transition. Choose Apply to All or choose a different transition for each slide.

24. Preview slide show before presenting.

25. At the end of each session, students will save in their folder on the hard drive and on their floppy disk.


Student uses Power Point to present facts about self. Student incorporates the basic elements in the production. Formatively assess the studentís ability to use all the elements on the checklist. See Associated File. Assist any student having difficulty meeting the criteria.


Students may enhance their presentation by inserting a sound file. Sounds may be found within Power Point or brought in as a .wav file from a CD. A CD audio ripper will need to be used to convert music to a .wav file. Copyright-free music for student production is preferred.

Students may enhance their presentation by using the Power Point tools to set up a slide show to run automatically.

Students may enhance their presentation by adding custom animations. These effects will vary by the Power Point version that the teacher has available.

Attached Files

Are You Talking About Me Checklist†††††File Extension: pdf

Are You Talking About Me Checklist Rubric†††††File Extension: pdf

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