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Book Selling Project

Megan Siska


Students create an oral presentation that uses a visual aid to sell their books to their classmates with the goal of trying to get their classmates interested in reading the book.


The student demonstrates nonverbal cues to convey a message to an audience (for example, movement, gestures, facial expressions).

The student identifies the occasion, audience, and purpose for speaking.

The student uses appropriate grammar, word choice, and pacing.

The student uses language that is clear, audible, and suitable.

The student delivers an effective informational, persuasive, or technical speech.

The student uses multimedia tools to enhance presentations.


Materials will vary with each presentation.
- Poster board
- 3x5 index cards
- Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
- Costumes
- Background music
- Props
- Transparencies
- Overhead
- Paper


1. Allow class time to approve novel selections.
2. Copy Book Selling Project and Book Selling Project Grade handouts for students. (See attached file.)
3. Prepare for discussion on what makes a good presentation.
4. Demonstrate good and poor speaking skills making points for the students to remember.


1. Students select an Accelerated Reader novel that is at least sixth grade reading level to read. Students may not read a book they were required to read for another Language Arts class.

2. Teacher approves novel selection.

3. Teacher gives weekly reading time to read novel. (One class period per week is suggested.) Teacher reminds students that additional reading time at home will be required.

4. Three weeks prior to presentations, teacher hands out and reviews Book Selling Project and Book Selling Project Grade handouts with students and assigns due dates. (See attached file.) Teacher can give extra credit to students who would like to present early.

5. Teacher conducts class discussion of what makes a good presentation. Review Book Selling Project Grade handout with students to make sure they understand grading procedures. (See attached file.) Students fill out top portion with book information.

6. One to two weeks before presentations, conduct a Reading/Help Day. Students should read to complete their novels or ask for any help needed on their presentations. Also, students use this time to use class materials for posters or other visual aids.

7. Students present their Book Selling Projects on their assigned days.

8. Teacher gives immediate feedback after each presentation and grades presentations daily.


Students are graded on a 100 point scale, broken into four categories worth 25 ponts each, using specific guidelines reviewed in class. (See Book Selling Project Grade in the attached file.


Teachers may want to have a discussion about the expectations of others during a presentation. Students can be penalized for inappropriate behavior during another student's presentation.
Also, students should have had practice doing informal speeches before doing such a large, independent presentation.
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