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Flowers and Rocks

Timothy Mark Dillehay
Lee County School District


Students enjoy this engaging activity by investigating the relationship between area and perimeter while creating and pricing a flower bed for their school name. Students calculate the perimeter and area of block letters, in order to compete in a ‘Perimeter Area Bingo’ game.


Uses concrete and graphic models to derive formulas for finding perimeter, area, surface area, circumference, and volume of two- and three- dimensional shapes including rectangular solids, cylinders, cones and pyramids.


-PA Bingo Cards (associated files)
-Criteria Cards (associated files)
-Teacher reference card (associated files)
-Bingo style chips
-Board for written examples


1. Gather bingo chips @15 per student.

2. Copy the PA Bingo card one per student.

3. Copy one teacher reference card.

4. Copy the Criteria cards (optional overhead).

5. Create the school name in block letters and calculate price for perimeter and price for area.


Note: This lesson assesses only the skills of perimeter and area.

1. Tell students that they are to make a flowerbed that spells the high school’s name.

2. On the board, draw the first letter to your high school using the block method. Be sure to point out that each letter created will be drawn with the least integer sides possible. The letter ‘T’ will have a height of 2 and a width of 3, even though this shape will not have the greatest aesthetic value.

3. Model how to find the area and perimeter of this letter.

4. Say “Before we calculate the cost of the name, lets try a game. This will help us make the complete alphabet (minus 1 letter)” Distribute the ‘PA Bingo’ cards.

5. Have students draw and find perimeter and area for the second letter to the School Name. This letter may be placed in any box of the PA Bingo card. If all students placed all letter is the exact same ordered, everyone would yell “Bingo” and the same time.

6. Monitor students working individually on the second letter.

7. Inform the class of the correct calculations for the perimeter and area for the second letter.

8. Instruct students to fill every box with a unique letter or number. Announce to students that the entire card must be completed within the next 20 minutes, and that after playing Bingo, the cards will be collected and evaluated.

9. Continue to monitor and help students in need of help. Have the Teacher reference card on hand.

10. Call for time.

11. Begin Bingo by drawing a ‘Criteria Card’ at random and read to the class (optional: copy on overheads). Instruct students to place a chip over all letters on their Bingo card that meet that card’s criteria. Tell students that when they have five chips in a row (horizontal, diagnaol, or vertical), interrupt the game and yell “Bingo” to let the you know they have won.

12. Continue step drawing and reading ‘Criteria Cards’ until someone yells bingo.

13. Explain that outlining 5 feet of perimeter with rock will cost $5 ($1 per foot of perimeter).

Explain that filling 5 square feet of area with flowers will cost $5 ($1 per square foot of area).

14. Have students calculate the cost of outlining the school name with rocks.

15. Have students calculate the cost of filling the school name with flowers. Designated areas for calculations are located under the Bingo Card.

16. Collect each student’s bingo card.


Note: This lesson assesses only the skills of perimeter and area.

Use completed “PA Bingo cards” (associated file) to formatively assess the student’s ability to calculate area and perimeter of rectangular overlapping shapes. PA Bingo card has space for their calculated cost of perimeter and area.
Criteria: Acceptable work is both:

(1) at least 20 of the 25 boxes completed with drawing, perimeter, and area;

(2) correct calculations of both the perimeter price and area price for the school name.


1. Have students create blocked numbers for their phone number.

2. Have students price their name according to the rocks and flowers.
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