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Letter War

Ronja Ashworth
Santa Rosa District Schools


After reading THE WAR BETWEEN THE VOWELS AND THE CONSONANTS by Priscilla Turner, the children will create words using letter tiles.


The student uses basic elements of phonetic analysis (for example, hears, segments, substitutes, and blends sounds in words).

The student uses sound/symbol relationships as visual cues for decoding.


-Turner, Priscilla, THE WAR BETWEEN THE VOWELS AND THE CONSONANTS, Scholastic, 1996.
-Paper (1 piece per group of 4 children)
-Pencils (1 per group of 4 children)
-Letter Tiles (1 set per child) (see attached file)
-Ziploc bags (for letter tile storage)
-Prizes (stickers, erasers, etc. for the winning group)
-Pocket chart (to hold letter tiles during demonstration)


1. Gather materials.
2. Print out the attached file and make one copy for each child on cardstock.
3. Cut the tiles apart and place in a Ziploc bag. You may wish to label the bags with the children’s names.
4. Determine what you will use as prizes for the winning team and gather these items.


1. Gather the children and read THE WAR BETWEEN THE VOWELS AND THE CONSONANTS by Priscilla Turner.
2. Explain to the children that vowels and consonants must work together to create words.
3. Separate children into groups of about four.
4. Appoint a secretary or have children vote on a secretary.
5. Distribute materials. Each child will receive letter tiles, and the secretary for each group will need a piece of paper and a pencil.
6. Using a pocket chart to hold the letter tiles, demonstrate how to create words. Children may take turns coming up to the chart to create words. Explain that each child will use his/her own letter tiles to make new words. Each word will then be reported to the secretary who will record the word on paper.
6. Tell the children that the group who lists the most correctly spelled words will win a prize.
7. Have children use their letter tiles to make words. The secretary should write down the words the other children discover.
8. Tally the correctly spelled words and give a prize to each member of the winning team. Explain to the children that they are all winners, because they are learning how to read and write.


At the end of the activity, each group will trade papers with another group. The opposing group may wish to challenge a word that they think is spelled incorrectly. The teacher will check all -challenge- words to determine if they are correct. The children will then count the number of words their group spelled correctly. The teacher may wish to observe for accuracy. Each group should list at least 10 words. For mastery, at least 8 words must be spelled correctly. To ensure that each group has fulfilled Goal 3 Standard 8, confirm that each group created a list. If the list is created, the children have worked cooperatively.


The children may keep the letter tiles in their desks for use throughout the year.
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