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Just Write It!

Donna Woods


Students write a narrative story from a planning sheet.


The student chooses specific detail and precise word choice to support the story line.

The student uses transitions to move the narrative story forward in time.


-One Copy of the planning sheet for each student (see attached file)
- Pencil and paper for each student
-Overhead transparency of the planning sheet
-Overhead projector and pen
-One blank overhead transparency


1. Make one copy of the planning sheet for each student.
2. Make one overhead transparency of the planning sheet.


1. Review what a planning sheet is by showing an overhead transparency of the planning sheet and discuss each part. (see attached file)
2. Pass out the planning sheet to each student.
3. On an overhead, have the students contribute ideas to write a group beginning paragraph based on the planning sheet's setting, beginning, and event #1. Add details and use adequate word choice to support the story line and use transition words.
4. On the overhead, list the transition words that the group wrote in step 3 and make a list of other transition words that they might choose to use in rest of the story.
5. Have students individually complete the story continuing to add details, use good word choice and use transition words.
5. Have students orally share their stories.


Use Florida Writes Scoring Rubric for narrative writing to assess stories. A copy of the rubric can be printed from this site.


This lesson should be used after Beacon Lesson #3733 -Just Plan It-/ Students may work in groups to write stories.

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