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Bags of Numbers

Todd Hauser


This is a hands on activity designed to allow the child to use manipulatives to count orally with a one to one correspondence.


The student counts orally to 100 or more.


-30 Plastic bags containing various numbers (20-100) of assorted objects such as pennies, unifix cubes, plastic bears, beans, etc
-Assessment Sheet for each student (see Associated File)


1. Collect small items to place in thirty plastic bags. (buttons, dried beans, etc.)
2. Record name and number of objects in each bag to be used for assessment purposes.
3. Duplicate assessment sheet.
4. Optional: Create a grid for students to use.


1. Review how to count to 100, using a one-to-one correspondence. Give students bags with at least 100 items in them.

2. The students empty the contents of the bag and uses a familiar strategy to orally count the objects. These strategies might include counting with a partner, counting and placing the objects onto a grid (one-to-one correspondence), counting in unison, etc. Circulate and offer feedback and guidance. Once you feel that students have mastered the ability to count aloud to 100, proceed to the next step.

3. Work with students on a one to one basis. Give the student a bag with at least 100 items in it. Help the student record the name of the object and number of objects in the bag on assessment sheet after he/she has counted the objects.

4. The student returns the objects to the bag and chooses another bag to begin the process again, completing at least three bags, in order to show mastery.


Circulate to observe the studentís ability to manipulate objects and strategies used to count objects. Offer feedback when the child is having difficulty maintaining the oral count.

Help the child record the number of objects in each bag.

Attached Files

Assessment Sheet     File Extension: pdf

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