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San Luis Trip

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


San Luis Trip gives students an authentic field trip view of an archeological site replicating the influences of the Apalachee Indians and Spanish missionaries.


The student understands the cultural, social, and political features of Native American tribes in Florida's history.


1. Teacher presentation station book-marked to the web-site

2. Student copies of Tallahassee Field Trip Journals, Data Chart, San Luis Field Trip Response Activity

3. Student pencils and clipboards


1. Pre-arrange field trip according to school and district guidelines

2. Gather materials

3. Check connectivity of book-marked web-site


1. The teacher shares information about the upcoming field trip to San Luis Archeological Site at via the teacher workstation large screen television and presenter box set-up.
2. The teacher passes out student copies of Our Tallahassee Field Trip Journal calling attention to the San Luis Field Trip Response Activity and Data Chart. Teacher clarifies activity directions and collects journals until the trip.

3. When the class arrives at the San Luis site, journals, pencils, and clipboards are passed out to students for data gathering at the site. Students are divided into investigative teams of four students each and assigned a supervisory parent chaperone to assist in the data collecting. Students record data as they collect it. The teacher collects the journals.

4. Back at school, on the following day, the students share their journals at team tables, adding other data collected from their peers.


Student work can be assessed by previewing their data charts.

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