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Jennifer Kirchhoff


Students perform in musical ensembles using the district adjudication sheet to assess their performance.


The student performs in choral ensembles with appropriate blend of tones, balance of sections, and response to the cues of a conductor.

The student knows the basic music principles and structures (e.g., tonality, melody, and harmony) used to analyze music.

The student understands how the elements of music are manipulated to contribute to the expressive quality of music.

The student uses specific criteria, appropriate to the style of music, to evaluate one's own performance and the performance of others.


-Prepared selection from accepted music list
-Copies of standard district adjudication sheet
-Post-performance district adjudication tapes
-Tape player
-Graded adjudication sheet
-Resources: Florida Vocal Association Handbook and official festival adjudication forms


1. Gather music selections, appropriate forms, and taping equipment.
2. Reproduce adjudication forms.
3. Develop a six-week rehearsal schedule for each student.


Authentic Context:
You are performing with your music ensemble in the district festival. You will be evaluated by the judges using the district adjudication sheet for choral ensembles.

Students will sucessfully perform music in an ensemble setting. Each performance will be evaluated using adjudication forms and procedures.

1. Distribute a copy of the district adjudication sheet.
2. Discuss the criteria included on the sheet with the class; employ parallel age appropriate terminology.
3. Have students review and rehearse their performance techniques reflecting the criteria.
4. Tape a performance of the ensemble prior to the festival and allow students to assess the performance using a blank adjudication sheet. Use the results of the assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the performance.
5. Have the students review the performance tapes after the festival and use blank adjudication sheets to assess the ensemble's performance.
6. After assessing the taped performance, compare the student evaluations with the graded adjudication sheets of the judges.


The district adjudication sheet should be used by the ensemble to self-assess the performance using the stated criteria. The teacher follows up with a student conference ensuring student comprehension of terminolgy, concepts, and outcomes.

I can use the adjudication sheet to improve my performance by . . .
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