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The S.S.Tarpon

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Students investigate the S.S.Tarpon, a local shipwreck that is currently preserved as a historic landmark, and persuade others to preserve it.


The student understands how individuals, ideas, decisions, and events can influence history.


-Computer stations book-marked with web-site and pre-loaded with Microsoft Publisher software
-Printer with printing supplies


1. Gather materials
2. Check web-site for connectivity


1. The teacher presents data about the local shipwreck site of The S.S.Tarpon (via web-site:

2. Students create a list: ________(specific number) Reasons to Preserve Our Local Shipwreck.

3. Students use their list to create a flier utilizing a publishing program such as Microsoft Publisher that would persuade people to protect the local historic site.


Student fliers are assessed with a scoring rubric. Criteria includes
~the historical significance of this shipwreck in terms of individuals, ideas, and the events surrounding it
~how the decision to preserve it influences history

Web Links

Nine sites are listed for research on the SS Tarpon.
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