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Presentations Come Alive!

Monica McManus


Students deliver oral presentations about a book or short story using audiovisual aids.


The student incorporates audiovisual aids in presentations.


-Stories or poems from literature book or other appropriate sources
-Poster paper
-Tape player
-Documents in attached file


Prepare a sample presentation with and without audiovisual aids for your lesson with the students. Examples of audiovisual aids such as music, costumes, posters, or multimedia presentation are necessary.


Students will create oral presentations incorporating audiovisual aids.

Authentic Context:
You are a member of a team that will be giving an oral presentation about the story your group has finished reading. You found the story to be challenging and mysterious. You wish to convey this message to your audience, but you realize that simply retelling the plot might put your audience to sleep. Your challenge is to make the story come alive.

1. Teacher facilitates a discussion about the importance of using audiovisual aids in presentations.
2. Teacher models two examples of the same presentation. The first time the teacher uses no audiovisual aids; the second time audiovisual aids are added.
3. Teacher and students analyze the two presentations, specifically noting details that make one presentation more effective than the other.
4. Teacher divides students into pairs.
5. Teacher asks each pair to select either a short story or a poem to present to their classmates using audiovisual aids.
6. Students read selected materials.
7. Each pair selects a story or poem to present.
8. Each pair completes a story map to organize information about the story. (See attached file)
9. Teacher explains the -Presentation Self Assessment- to the students. (See attached file)
10. Teacher allows class time (2 or 3 days) for students to work on their presentations.
11. Students make presentations to their classmates.
12. Students assess their work using the -Presentation Self Assessment-.


Collect and assess the Story Map for accuracy. Use the -Presentation Self Assessment- checklist to assess the presentations.

The teacher will use the checklist to assess the presentation.

Self-reflection: Students write a journal entry assessing their presentation, focusing on their use of audio visual aids. Compare the presentation with audiovisual aids with the presentation without audiovisual aids. Describe the ways they are alike and different using examples from the presentation.


Students could videotape their presentations.
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