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Kathy Kelly


Students create a workout program that concentrates on aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises. They demonstrate exercises to their peers and participate in their individualized fitness program for six weeks, tracking their progress in their journals.


The student organizes information before writing according to the type and purpose of writing.

The student uses movement, placement, juxtaposition, gestures, silent periods, facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues to convey meaning to an audience.

The student speaks for various occasions, audiences, and purposes, including conversations, discussions, projects, and informational, persuasive, or technical presentations.

The student describes the principles of training and conditioning for specific physical activities.

The student knows the potential fitness benefits of various activities.

The student knows how to sustain an aerobic activity, maintaining target heart rate, to achieve cardiovascular benefits.

The student describes and applies the principles of training and conditioning for specific physical activities.

The student plans and participates in an individualized fitness program.


-Chart paper
-Poster board
-Polar heart monitors (optional)


Set up equipment needed for specific exercises; e.g., jump rope for aerobic station, elastic bands for strengthening exercises.


Prior Knowledge:
This activity should be done upon completion of a track unit. Students should already know the terminology and exercises.
-Students calculate what their target heart rates should be during exercise using the Karvonen formula.
-Students calculate their resting heart rates (RHR) by timing their heart rates for six seconds and multiplying by 10.
-Students understand the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
-Students understand the difference between a strengthening exercise and an aerobic exercise.

-Students create and participate in an individualized fitness program selecting appropriate exercises for aerobic and strength conditioning.
-Students explain and demonstrate exercises based on the principles of training and conditioning.
-Students describe the fitness benefits of the various activities in their journals.

Authentic Context:
You are an athlete who needs to prepare for track season. With your coach, create a workout schedule using four different aerobic and strengthening exercises that will enhance your performance. List one benefit of each exercise.

1. Demonstrate one strengthening and one aerobic exercise.

2. Have the class brainstorm exercises that will enhance track performance. Record responses on chart paper.

3. Based on the brainstormed list, lead a discussion about what exercises a daily workout should contain.

4. Divide students into groups of four. Each group will create a workout schedule consisting of four stations to enhance strength and aerobic endurance. The workout schedule must contain:
- three stations that are strengthening exercises
- one station that is an aerobic exercise

5. On poster board, have each group list the stations of their workout schedule, describe the exercises to be performed, and provide one benefit of each exercise.

6. Each group will demonstrate the workout activities to the class. Students alternate describing the activity and its benefits and performing the exercise. For example, Student #1 explains how to perform the jump roping exercise and describes its benefits. Student #2 demonstrates jump roping. Student #2 explains the biceps exercise and describes its benefits. Student #3 demonstrates the biceps exercise. Continue this rotation through all of the stations.

7. Each student selects a workout schedule (or creates a new one) and follows the schedule for six weeks. Students document their participation each week in a journal. Students discuss their participation in their workout programs each week.


Workout Stations Checklist

1. Does the workout schedule include three strength exercises?
2. Does the workout schedule include one aerobic exercise?
3. Were the exercises clearly and accurately described and demonstrated by the members of the group?
4. Does the poster contain one correct benefit for each exercise?

Self Reflection:
By participating in this individualized fitness program I . . .
I can improve my individualized fitness program by . . .
After participating in my individualized fitness program for six weeks, I realize . . .

Teacher will evaluate the Workout Schedule according to the checklist.
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