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Number Order 1-10

Karen Minks


Students read and write numerals 1-10 in correct order.


The student reads and writes numerals to 10 or more.


-Number cards (These will need to be made if they are not available)


1. Obtain number cards for each student and a set for the teacher to use as flashcards. (They can be bought or made)
2. Obtain numbers and put in correct order.
3. Prepare materials for students: paper, pencil, crayons.


. Show the students the numerals 1-10 on flashcards. Say the numeralís name as each is shown in numerical order.

2. Display the flashcards again, the children read the numbers aloud in unison as they look at the number cards.

3. Pass number cards to each student.

4. The students order the number cards from 1-10 in numerical order.

5. Observe the students and give feedback as needed.

6. Pass out paper and pencil or crayons to each student.

7. The children write the numbers 1-10 in numerical order.

8. The children share with the group the numbers 1-10 and count them for the group.

9. Observe the students and give feedback as needed.

10. Collect the papers and supplies.


This is an ongoing formative assessment based on teacher observation of student interaction during the lesson.

The student identifies the numerals one to ten orally as well as putting the numerals in order 1-10 with cards. Then the student writes the numerals in correct order. Listen to the student responses and watch answers to determine the function level of the student. Provide corrective feedback as needed.

Children who identify the numeral orally correctly and put the number cards in order are working at an independent level. (Orally and written)

Children who identify the numeral but can not put the numerals in order are working on an instructional level (orally and written).

Children who can not identify the numeral or the correct order are working on a remediation level. (Orally and written)

Mastery occurs if the child recognizes one to ten and puts them in the correct order orally as well as written.

Children after writing the numbers 1-10 share thier work with the group.

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