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Living Biographies

Scherie Hritz-Atwell


George Washington, Michael Jordan, and Betsy Ross..... History comes alive through living biographies. Come along and take a walk in someone else's shoes.


The student prepares for and gives presentations for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes (including but not limited to group discussions, informational or dramatic presentations).


-Overhead and markers
-Transparency of presentation checklist
-Copy of presentation checklist for each student (see Associated File)
-Teacher's costume/props


1. Decide on a famous person in history and acquire costume and props. These can be made of paper. (paper Indian vest or paper hat) Encourage students to use items they have or can easily make.
2. Make a transparency of presentation checklist.


Note: Research and development of information for the presentation has already occurred.
Day 1

1. Begin this lesson dressed as a famous person in history.

2. Before beginning dramatic presentation, hand out to each student a checklist with each area to be addressed during this presentation. (see Associated File)

3. Using the overhead, display transparency of checklist and explain each item in the checklist along with points possible for each item.

4. Next, explain that you are going to model a living biography.

5. The student prepares for the presentation by evaluating your presentation using the presentation checklist.

6. After presentation, use the overhead to orally discuss your presentation. Discuss each item. Show non-examples if applicable. For example, one item on checklist is voice inflection. Did the presenter speak in monotone or show inflection? You may need to model monotone and inflection.

7. Review, model and discuss all items on checklist. Ask for questions.

Day 2

1. Students present their living biography presentation individually.

2. Evaluate the studentís dramatic presentation of a living biography using the presentation checklist.


Use a presentation checklist to show whether student gives presentation for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes.


Students write a narrative story about the famous person.

Attached Files

Checklist.     File Extension: pdf

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