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Creature Feature (Early Grades)

Rhonda Cawthon


Students select an animal and simple reference books to choose and share pictures and facts about their selected animals through the construction of story boards. As a culminating activity, students make a video of animal facts to share with the class.


The student uses simple reference material to obtain information (for example, table of contents, fiction and nonfiction books, picture dictionaries, audio visual software).


-Animal reference books
-Magazines (for photos)
-Multimedia encyclopedias
-Glue sticks
-12" X 18" construction paper


1. Make arrangements to schedule class visit to the media center or
gather materials to use in your classroom. Gather an adequate amount of animal books, photos from magazines, the Internet.

2. Place a variety of animal photos (mammals, sea animals, shelled animals and animals with exoskeletons) on a table to be chosen by students. Each student randomly selects only one animal.

3. Gather a couple of lower level children's encyclopedias.



1. Take students to the media center or where you have placed the animal reference books.

2. Select an animal book and then have students select animal books of their choice. Model finding good facts by reading them aloud. Explain these are true facts and not opinions about this animal. Tell students they will have an opportunity to find out facts about their animals tomorrow.

3. Demonstrate writing a few facts from your chosen animal book and have students copy them in a brief writing assignment as practice. Reinforce where these facts came from by holding up your book and showing the page/picture you used.


4. Demonstrate use of an easy to use multimedia encyclopedias (locating an animal), as well as lower reading level encyclopedias. Show photos of animals on selected Internet sites. Assist students in printing animal photos.

5. Locate and point to illustrations/photos in books to reinforce facts.

6. Distribute materials for making the story board. With assistance, students read non-fiction material and compile a list of four animal facts about their chosen animals. Accept pictures drawn by students who are non-readers. Students cut and paste photos of their chosen animals and list written facts, to make a story board for sharing in small groups.


7. Students make a class video about animal facts, reading them aloud and sharing photos. Students should be able to tell or point to the source used for their facts.


In this formative assessment, students use simple reference materials to obtain information. Each student lists four facts about a chosen animal and share with the class the source from which the information was taken. (This could be homework for those not finished. Those who complete the assignment on time can assist those who do not.) For those not yet capable of writing four facts, oral facts, as well as location (point to the pages in book) can be shared in groups.


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