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Who Is Who? What Do They Do?

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Who's Who? What Do They Do? Is a collection of student created rhymes that identify the names of representatives and executives in our government at the state level.


The student knows the names of his or her representatives at the local, state, and national levels (e.g., city council members, state representatives, and members of Congress) and the name of the his or her representatives in the executive branches of government at the local, state, and national levels (e.g., mayor, governor, and president).


-Government official name slips for random assignment drawing
-Student paper and pencils
-Computer stations book-marked with web-sites and pre-loaded with Microsoft Publisher
-Printer with printing supplies
-Binder and page protectors for the class book


1. Check connectivity of web-sites
2. Gather materials
3. Pre-load software


1. The teacher shares the state government web-site with the class.
2. Names of government officials are drawn at random by partner groups. Each partner team researches their assigned official.

3. Each partner group creates a rhyme that tells about their official.

4. Students peer -edit and revise rhymes. Students create published copies of their rhymes with scanned photos of their assigned official, if available, using a publishing program such as Microsoft Publisher.

5. Rhymes are put together in a class-made book titled, -Who's Who? What Do They Do?-.


Students are asked to make a list of their government officials after reading the class-made book. Students should list the following state officials, indicating their first and last names and job title: governor, lt. governor, cabinet members, our district's senator, our district's representative; and State Supreme Court judges. Names and titles should be spelled correctly.

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