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Fun With Symmetry

Cheryl Carasick
Marion County Schools


Students will have fun munipulating shapes to discover their multiple lines of symmetry. This activity helps students to see the lines of symmetry through colors. It gives students the ability to manipulate shapes to make their own lines of symmetry.


The student knows symmetry, congruency, and reflections in geometric figures using concrete materials (for example, pattern blocks, geoboards, mirrors).


- One sheet of green construction paper and one piece of red.
- Glue
- Paper
- Pencil
- Scissors


Have an overhead of the shapes prior to the lesson. Make sure students have all materials ahead of time.


1) Hand out materials

2) Have students glue their red paper and green paper back to back. When they are done, you should see only green on one side of the paper and red on the other. Note: Have a finished example to use as your own shape.

3) Explain to students that the shape of the paper is a rectangle, and it can be turned in any direction and it will still be a rectangle.

4) Hold up your shape to show students. Have the red side of the paper facing the students. Explain to students that a line of symmetry is an imaginary line on a shape. When you fold the shape on the line of symmetry, the shape will be folded perfectly in half. There can only be a line of symmetry if when you fold the paper only one color is showing. Fold the paper along a line of symmetry. The students will see only green paper.

5) Give the students examples of other lines of symmetry on the rectangle. Each time the students will see that only green is showing.

6) Show the students non examples of lines of symmetry. When you do this, the students will not see a solid color. Instead they will see some red and some green.

7)Make an overhead transparency of the Symmetry Activity (see attached file). Have the students practice several times as you circulate and assist. Then draw lines of symmetry on shapes on the overhead.

8)Hand out the attached worksheet and let students practice drawing lines of symmetry.


Students will be assesed on their ability to manipulate a shape into at least two lines of different symmetry. They will also be assesed on their ability to draw two lines of symmetry on a shape.

See Symmetry Rubric in attatched file.


Have students cut their rectangles into triangles or other shapes to practice with.

Attached Files

Symmetry rubric     File Extension: pdf

Symmetry activity     File Extension: pdf

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