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Sondage: J'ai horreur des broccolis! A Survey of Food Preferences: I Hate Broccoli!

Susan Johansen


This is a fun way for students to see if they are able to comprehend oral messages using learned food vocabulary in French. Students listen to each other to participate in a contrived conversation in French to determine preferences for known food items.


The student comprehends and responds to oral messages (e.g., personal anecdotes or narratives) based on familiar themes and vocabulary.


-Copies of Activity Log for each student (See Associated File)
-Copies of Rubric for each student (See Associated File)
-Transparency of food items for review (See Associated File)
-Name Tags (1 for each student)
-Information Cards (See Associated File)
-Pencils or Pens


1. Prepare 4 different information cards in French, one for each of the four young people, to tell the food likes and dislikes of each. Print the Associated File and cut the cards apart.

2. Prepare 4 name tags for each group with the names of the 4 young people in the imaginary French conversation.

3. Make copies of the Activity Log for students to record the information the students understand from the French conversations. See Associated File.

5. Make copies of the rubric for each student. See Associated File.

6. Make a transparency of the food items that will be used in the conversation. See Associated File.


Note: Students should have completed a foods unit and have a known lexicon of vocabulary pertaining to food items. They also should know the French vocabulary for telling if they like or dislike something. See Associated File for vocabulary.

1. Ask students if anyone in the class is a picky eater.

2. Put a transparency on the overhead with pictures of foods students know the French vocabulary for. Ask students if anyone likes all the items on the overhead. See Associated File.

3. Call on students to identify the food pictures with known vocabulary in French.

4. Ask students to tell in French if they like or dislike the above food items. (Review multiple ways to say one likes or dislikes something.)

5. Tell the students they will listen to and participate in a made-up conversation in French to find out this information about some imaginary young people.

6. Tell the students they will show on a chart the information they have heard and understood.

7. Show the students the assessment criteria and discuss it at this point.

8. Ask the students to group themselves in groups of four.

9. Distribute blank Activity Logs to each student. Ask them to add facial features to indicate “likes” and “dislikes” to the circles in the top header. (i.e. happy face and sad face)

10. Tell the students they may no longer speak English in the group.

11. Tell the students they may only look at (or read) their own dialogue cards or activity logs. They must get other students’ information through conversation in French.

12. Distribute name tags and corresponding information cards (see Associated File), which are written in French, to each student in each group.

13. Each student contributes, in French, the information about his character’s likes and dislikes from the information he has on his dialogue card. He must relate all the information provided on the information card to the others in his group. He must do this in French. You will need one to model for the students.

14. Each of the other students marks his Activity Log to show that he comprehends the French discussion about likes and dislikes of food items.

15. Allow each person in the group to question the others in French so he/she can fully comprehend the conversation and complete the Activity Log. Circulate and offer assistance as needed.

16. Continue until all are satisfied with their Activity Logs.


Use completed Activity Log to formatively assess the student’s ability to comprehend an oral message in French using learned vocabulary from the foods unit. Circulate to offer assistance and corrective/positive feedback so that students are satisfied with their Activity Logs. (See Associated File.)

The Rubric includes the criteria for successful performance. Give corrective and positive feedback to the students who score in the [See Teacher] category so that they are able to complete the Activity Log correctly. (See Associated File.)


Students write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the food preferences of two of the 4 characters in the conversation.

Students construct a graph or chart describing some aspect of the information they collected on the activity worksheets. i.e. How many chose healthy food? ...Junk food? How many times individual items were choosen... Who liked the biggest variety of foods?

Students interview and record the answers of 3 classmates in French.

Attached Files

A Rubric used for assessment purposes.     File Extension: pdf

A log which is used as a student response sheet     File Extension: pdf

Transparency of Food Items     File Extension: pdf

Information Cards with each group member's individual part of the conversation     File Extension: pdf

Vocabulary for Information Cards     File Extension: pdf

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