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Wanted Spanish Speakers!

Jennifer Russell


Seeking employment? Create a classified ad to introduce students to the benefits of being able to communicate in another language, and the benefits of knowing another language in ones career


The student knows the benefits that being able to communicate in more than one language can have on one's career.


-Overhead projector
-Overhead projector transparencies
-White board
-Student career research (In students notes)
-Classified Ad Check List


1. Determine the qualifications you will model
2. Prepare a sample classified ad
3. Make enough copies of Classified Ad Check List for the students


Note: students have already researched 3 careers that they are interested in that requires the use of a foreign language. They have researched the qualifications they need to apply to be competitive in their career choice.

1. Students discuss different careers.

2. Class discussion on some of the requirements for the careers mentioned-list career and requirements on board.

3. Show the importance of knowing Spanish in all the careers. Example: Communicate with customers, translate, understand employer.

4. Show an example of a classified ad on the overhead.

5. Discuss the qualifications listed in the ad.

6. Write the qualifications needed on the board.

7. Students list their career choice on a sheet of paper and qualification needed to apply for the job in their career choice.

8. Students make a rough draft of their own classified ad for their career choice.
• Students must list in their ad:
• a short job description,
• education needed
• the need to speak Spanish,
• experience needed, age requirement
• certifications needed
• benefits offered
• responsibilities
• and any other information that the students may feel is necessary to advertise about the job.

9. Students transfer classified ad to a overhead transparency.

10. Students show the classified ad on the overhead to the class the ad.

11. Students will discuss the classified ad.

12. Reinforce the importance of knowing Spanish in the workplace.


Students create a classified ad for employment (example: any job ranging from dishwasher to lawyer) that requires the use of Spanish and English. In the ad students will communicate in writing the qualification for employment: education, foreign languages needed, experience, and other qualifications needed to apply for the position. (Check list provided)

• The student’s written classified ad demonstrates the necessity of a foreign language in his future career.

• The following elements must be in the ad:
Foreign Language Requirements
Education Requirements (Level beyond HS)
Medical Benefits
Work hours


After the lesson is completed the students will gather all the classified ads and make a Classified Ad Section.
The class will work on other projects to complete a newspaper by the end of the semester.

Attached Files

Classified Ad Check List     File Extension: pdf

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