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Body Systems, Part II

Candace Parker
Bay District Schools


This is the second of a two-part lesson. Students create a multimedia presentation to reinforce the knowledge they gained from the lesson, -Body Systems, Part I-.


The student uses electronic technology, including word-processing software and electronic encyclopedias, to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.


-Student work and group assignments from the lesson, Body Systems, Part I
-Multimedia computer with television adapter
-Presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint


1. Complete the lesson, Body Systems, Part I with students before starting Body Systems, Part II.

2. Become familiar with and install presentation software such as Microsoft Powerpoint.

3. Retrieve -Body System Scoring Rubric- from -Body Systems, Part I-.


This is the second of a two part lesson. In Body Systems, Part I, students learn about the body systems, organize into groups, and study one system in-depth.

1. Show an example of a multimedia presentation using a presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

2. Explain to students that groups will make their own presentations about the body system they have researched.

3. Explain the mechanics of using the presentation software.

4. Groups formed in the lesson, Body Systems, Part I, use the Body System scoring rubric to design and create a presentation of their body system using a presentation software.

4. Groups scan the diagram of their body system into their presentation.

5. Groups present their presentations to the class.


Students create a multimedia presentation. They use the Body System Scoring Rubric to guide them through this activity. The group also submits the rubric as their self-assessment.


1. Students with exceptionalities or varying learner styles should work in groups with regular classroom students.

2. The Magic School Bus, The Human Body, software program produced by Microsoft can be used as an extension activity.

3. Other systems in the world such as our family, government, ecosystem, etc could be also be discussed after this activity.
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