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Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

Nora Perez


Students sing a song with three-part harmony.


The student sings choral works (appropriate for the changing male and female voice) with three- and four-part harmonies, with and without accompaniment.

The student performs in choral ensembles with appropriate blend of tones, balance of sections, and response to the cues of a conductor.

The student performs with basic ensemble skills (e.g., blends instrumental timbres, matches dynamic levels, and responds to the cues of a director).


-Recording of -Old Joe Clark- (American folk song, 3 part arrangement, Mary Goetze, publisher Boosey & Hawkes, 1984.)
-Sheet music for “Old Joe Clark” (American folk song, 3 part arrangement, Mary Goetze, publisher Boosey & Hawkes, 1984.)
-Tape player


Gather recording, sheet music, piano and tape player.


Through rehearsal, students will develop and improve their ability to identify and perform three-part harmony in a vocal ensemble.

Authentic Context:
Your music class is preparing for a performance at the next PTA meeting. You will be performing a song with a three-part harmony.

1. Pass out octavos of “Old Joe Clark.”
2. Instruct class on how to follow parts on a choral score.
3. Play recording of -Old Joe Clark.-
4. Discuss with the class the vocal parts heard in the recording.
5. Have whole class sing part one, measures 10 - 25.
6. Repeat step 5 with parts two and three.
7. Divide the class into three sections, assigning a part to each section.
8. Rehearse each section separately while the other sections follow their own parts silently.
9. Combine voices of sections one and two. Combine voices of sections two and three. Combine voices of sections one and three.
10. Combine voices of all three sections.
11. Rehearse entire piece.
12. The class performs -Old Joe Clark- at the next concert for the PTA.

Teacher may first accompany parts on the piano and then have the students perform a cappella.


Students perform for the teacher in groups of three. Each student sings a different part. Use the Assessment Checklist provided in the attached file to assess each student's performance. Additionally, the teacher assesses the students' ability to follow the cues of the director.

The most challenging part about harmonizing is . . .

Attached Files

The Assessment Checklist to use with the activity.     File Extension: pdf

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