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Hello, Santa!

Carol Hansford


Do you need an exciting lesson to stimulate your kindergartners' thinking and writing skills? Begin this lesson by asking "What would you like to tell Santa?" Students peruse possible requests for Santa. Then the students dictate letters to Santa.


The student dictates messages (for example, news, stories).


-Recording of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
-Chart Paper
-Writing or copy paper for recording student dictation
-Model letter to Santa


1. Obtain a copy of the recording "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" or review the words.
2. Gather writing supplies (chart paper, markers, writing paper, pencils)
3. Print out model letter to Santa.
4. Gather magazines, catalogs, and advertisements containing items children may like to request from Santa.


1. Ask students if they want to talk about Santa. Sing or play the song [Santa Claus Is Coming to Town].

2. Explain that the students will dictate letters to Santa.

3. Students share whether they have previously written a letter to Santa.

4. Teacher shares a model letter with the students. (Teacher creates model letter or uses the one in the associated file.)

5. Students brainstorm what they might include about themselves in the letter. Teacher can record these responses on chart paper.

6. Students brainstorm possible requests for Santa. Teacher can record responses on chart paper.

7. Students brainstorm appropriate closings. Teacher can record on chart paper.

8. . Provide catalogs/magazines/advertisements containing possible requests to encourage appropriate responses.

9. Students dictate message to Santa.

10. Adult or older student will record dictation.

11. Recorder reads letter back to student and encourages student to be sure it conveys the intended message. Give feedback to student as needed.


The teacher formatively assesses the student’s letter by checking to see if it conveys the correct message. Teacher confers with students who have not completed the letter and provides feedback. Give student opportunity to correct/complete the letter.


1. Students could copy dictated letters on to an attractive holiday themed paper such as page 20 in the [December Idea Book] by Karen Sevaly published by Teacher’s Friend Publications, Inc. copyright 1986
2. Students could go to to copy their letters and use the computer to send those letters and receive a response from Santa.
3. ESE students might draw pictures or cut pictures from magazines.

Web Links is a commercial banner-free, child-safe Web site designed to provide a family-oriented Christmas site for children and families to share together.

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