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Regena McLaney


Get caught “Twix and Tween”! Students use Twix candy bars to make direct comparisons, sort and order candy pieces by length.


The student uses direct (side-by-side) comparisons to sort and order objects by their lengths.


-1 King size Twix candy bar per student (plus one or two extras) If king size Twix bars are not available, consider using bread sticks.
-1 Plastic knife per student
-1 Napkin per student
-1 "Twix-n-Tween Math Activity Student Rubric" per student
-1 "Ordering mat" per student, (Copy on colorful construction paper.)
-1 Transparency of "Twix-n-Tween Math Activity Student Rubric".
-1 Transparency of "My Ordering Mat"
-1 Overhead projector
-6-8 pieces of yarn, cut in various lengths


1. Cut 6-8 pieces of yarn for demonstration.
2. Make copies of "My Ordering Mat" and "Twix-n-Tween Math Activity Student Rubric", one per student.
3. Gather student materials.


1. Hold up a king size Twix candy bar and ask students if they have ever eaten one. Put special emphasis on the length of the candy bar.

2. Explain that today the students will be cutting the candy bar into segments, making direct comparisons, sorting and ordering the pieces by length.

3. Ask students to share experiences about sharing candy bars. “Have you ever had to share a candy bar with a brother or sister? Have you ever compared pieces to determine who had the longer piece?"

4. Give selected students pieces of yarn. (Each piece should be a different length. Have selected students help sort the yarn into 2 categories (short and long). Next, demonstrate how to make side-by-side comparisons to order the pieces of yarn from shortest length to longest length and then longest length to shortest length. Use "My Ordering Mat" transparency on the overhead to demonstrate. Mix the yarn pieces up and have students explain and demonstrate the processes again.

5. Using an overhead transparency of the "Twix-n-Tween Math Activity Student Rubric", explain how students will be assessed for this activity.

6. Distribute activity materials (King size Twix candy bars, napkins, plastic knives, "My Ordering Mats" and "Twix-n-Tween Math Activity Student Rubric." (See Attached Files)

7. Ask students to cut their 2 Twix candy bars (2 long pieces come in each package.) into pieces of different lengths so that each student has 6-8 pieces to work with. Before students begin ordering, teach them the song, “Betwixt and Between”. (See Attached Files)

8. Ask students to sort their candy pieces into two groups: short and long. Then have students compare lengths and order candy pieces from shortest to longest and longest to shortest.

9. Circulate giving corrective and positive feedback as needed. Encourage students to verbalize results, using terms such as “longer” and “shorter” as students make direct comparisons. As students complete the activity, teacher formatively assesses each student using the rubric. (Teacher checks the rubric on each student’s desk so that it can be sent home to parents that day.)

10. After feedback from the rubric has been provided, students eat the Twix candy bar pieces!


Students sort, make direct comparisons and order Twix bars by length.
*Teacher circulates, giving corrective feedback as needed.
*Assess students’ performance using rubric, "Twix-n-Tween Math Activity
Student Rubric". (See Associated File.)
*Provide additional opportunities for students who scored less than a 2.
(Use concrete materials such as string, bread sticks, pipe cleaner, etc.)


1. Students review a partner’s result prior to teacher review. (Peer review)
2. After practicing direct comparisons, give each student a piece of string (I foot long or more) and take an “in house field trip” around the school. Find objects around the school which cannot physically be compared side-by-side. Students use the string to make indirect comparisons to objects around the school. Upon returning to the classroom, make a class chart of “Objects that are shorter than the string” and “Objects that are longer than the string”.
Students draw pictures of objects they found that were longer/shorter than the string. Add pictures to the class chart.
3. Discuss how parts make a whole. (How many candy pieces are in the whole?)

Attached Files

Twix-n-Tween Math Activity Student Rubric.     File Extension: pdf

Short to long ordering mat.     File Extension: pdf

Long to short ordering mat.     File Extension: pdf

Betwixt and Between song.     File Extension: pdf

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