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Nutritionist for Hire

Jill David et al


Students devise a healthy dietary plan.


The student writes fluently for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes, making appropriate choices regarding style, tone, level of detail, and organization.

Creates a collaborative and comprehensive plan which addresses specific events, products, or projects either personally or for the work place.

The student understands how nutrient and energy needs vary in relation to gender, activity level, and stage of life

The student understands the role of individual responsibility regarding personal risk behaviors.

The student understands the utilization of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates as related to physical activity.


-Access to research (media center, Internet)
-Internet use permission forms
-Personal fitness textbooks


1. Photocopy and distribute Internet use permission forms.
2. Collect signed Internet use permission forms.
3. Review nutrition chapters in personal fitness textbook.

Students must have a basic knowledge of nutrition, dietary guidelines, and the food pyramid prior to doing this activity.


Students will develop a healthy dietary plan that focuses on specific areas indicated by the client's needs.

Authentic Context:
You are a nutritionist who has been hired by a client to devise a healthy dietary plan. The dietary plan needs to focus on specific areas (e.g., building muscle, losing fat) as indicated by your client.

Each student assumes the role of both the client and the nutritionist.

1. Allow students time and resources to supplement their knowledge of dietary guidelines, calories, fat, carbohydrates, and healthy diet.

2. Divide the class into groups of two. One partner acts as the client of the other partner who acts as the nutritionist.

3. Have each nutritionist develop an information sheet and give to client. (See attached file for sample information sheet.) On the information sheet the client will describe specific areas on which he wants the nutritionist to focus (e.g., building muscle, losing fat, eating more complex carbohydrates).

4. Clients give the completed information sheet to nutritionists. Allow time for nutritionists to analyze the information sheet and develop a healthy dietary plan for their clients.

5. Each nutritionist prepares a 5-minute presentation for his or her client showing how the dietary plan developed meets the client's needs.

6. After the nutritionist gives the presentation, each client will use the checklist to assess the presentation.


Nutrition Checklist (See attached file)

Nutrition Questionnaire (optional)
1. What is a calorie?

2. What are my dietary guidelines?

3. What are the differences between fats, proteins, and carbohydrates?

4. What should a person eat in order to gain weight?

5. What percentage of each food group should a person eat to gain muscle and fat?

Self-Reflection (select one):
Write a persuasive essay convincing a friend of the importance of a healthy dietary plan.

Write an expository essay on the utilization of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates as related to physical activity.

Attached Files

The Nutrition Checklist and Sample Information Sheet.     File Extension: pdf

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