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Guess Who?

Angela Raybon


Guess Who? Students write riddles about each other using descriptive words.


The student uses descriptive words to convey ideas in writing.


-Book, [Hairy, Scary, Ordinary, What is an Adjective?] By Brian P. Cleary, Carolrhoda Books, 2000, ISBN 0-439-25384-5


1. Have book available
2. Write each child’s name on a piece of paper.
3. Fold names and place in bag.
4. Let children draw a name.
5. Gather paper and pencils for students to write on.


NOTE: Students must have prior knowledge of descriptive (adjective) words.

1. Ask students, “What is a descriptive (adjectives) word?”

2. Ask students to listen for descriptive words as you read the book [Hairy, Scary, Ordinary, What is an Adjective?] by Brian P. Cleary

3. Have students identify adjectives while you read, students will raise their hand when they hear an adjective.

4. Explain to the class that they are to use descriptive words in writing a riddle.

5. Students suggest sentences using descriptive words about the teacher.

6. Teacher models by writing 2-3 sentences on the board. The last sentence being Guess Who?

7. Teacher selects 2 children for other students to orally describe. Ex. “She has blond hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a blue dress. Guess Who?”

8. Now tell students they are going to play a game. Teacher explains the game to all students. Teacher says, “Your names are going to be placed in a bag, after choosing a name from the bag, do not tell whose name you have. Now you are going to write a riddle describing that person.”

9. Pass out paper.

10. While students are writing descriptive riddles, walk around and observe, give them feedback, if a student is having difficulty, help him or her revise their riddle.

11. Have students share their riddles, and let other children guess who it is.


Each student writes a riddle
- using descriptive (adjective) words.
Teacher circulates and provides feedback to students during the writing process, while formatively accessing each student’s ability to use descriptive words related to topic, for example higher children have to use seven adjectives (descriptive words) correctly and for lower children three adjectives (descriptive words) correctly.
Then give students the opportunity to revise their riddle.


The following activity can be used to encourage students to use the descriptive words in a picture.

Students can draw a picture using their paragraphs. The pictures and the paragraphs can be displayed on the wall with the title “Guess Who?” Place the picture up top with the riddle underneath, then read the riddle, then lift riddle to find out who it is.

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