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Bits and Pieces!

Priscilla Boan


Students listen to the story [Winter Fun] written by Rita Schlachter. They listen for information throughout the story that relates to the characters, setting, problem, and solution.


The student makes a plan before writing the first draft (for example, drawing pictures, using graphic organizers).


-Book [Winter Fun] by Rita Schlachter.
-Drawing paper, pencils, and crayons.


1. Get art paper, crayons, and pencils ready for the activity.
2. Get the book [Winter Fun] by Rita Schlachter.


Note: Students must have prior knowledge of characters, setting, problem and solution. This is something you should review before you do this lesson.

1. Tell students that they are going to listen to a story called [Winter Fun] by Rita Schlachter.

2. Explain to the students that they are to pay attention to who the characters are, where the story takes place, what the problem is, and how the characters solve the problem. List the story elements on the board before reading the story. Discuss the meaning and give examples of each element. You may use examples from another story or fairy tale.

3. Read the book to the students. As you read the story ask students to look at the story elements listed on the board.

4. Have a class discussion of the story just read. Make an outline of the story elements on the board with the students helping to fill in information. As you complete this together, this would be a good time to discuss each story element, giving examples of each so all children will have a good idea of what they are to draw and write about.

5. Explain to the students that they will be using their drawing plans in another lesson at a later time.

6. Tell the children that their plans need to have enough information about the characters, a description of where the story takes place, what the problem is in the story, and how they solve their problem.

7. Pass out drawing paper.

8. Ask students to draw pictures for each story element listed on the board and write one sentence to go with each picture.

9. Provide feedback while observing and communicating ideas with students.

10. When the students have completed their drawings and sentences, ask them to check to see that they have a completed plan. This might be a good time to use the buddy system to check each others papers. Remind them again that they will use their drawings and sentences to write their own version of the story in another lesson.


Note: The following assessment is based on a plan that each child will
provide after listening to the story.
Students make a plan for writing by:
-identifying the characters, setting, problem, and solution through drawing
and writing sentences under each picture.
The teacher will assess studentsí progress with continuous feedback while circulating around the room. The plans are to be saved for a later lesson
which encompasses another standard.


1. A follow-up lesson using the pictures completed in this lesson could be used for a writing activity.
2. A rubric or checklist would be appropriate for assessing the writing.

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