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Winter Wonderland

Terry Gladfelter


Students demonstrate knowledge of stylistic interpretation by choosing one piece of music, recording a verbal introduction describing the style to be performed, and recording a significant section of the music that reflects that style.


The student performs music of moderate to advanced difficulty of diverse genres and styles on at least one instrument (e.g., keyboard, wind, percussion, or string instruments).

The student analyzes music events within a composition, using appropriate music principles and technical vocabulary.


-Band repertoire of holiday music
-Audio equipment (play and record capability)
-Blank tapes


1. Prepare samples of introductions that include reference to style and origin of the musical selection.
2. Extensive rehearsal of performing group.


-Students will demonstrate knowledge of style and genre of a piece.
-They will demonstrate proper performance techniques and an ability to verbalize concepts via an audio-taped explanation.

Authentic Context:
The local mall has contacted the band program asking them to perform holiday music during the month of December. The director has chosen a repertoire of Christmas, Channukah, and classical music to perform. As a member of the band, you must demonstrate your knowledge of stylistic interpretation by chosing one piece of music, recording a verbal introduction of the style to be performed, and recording a significant section of the music that reflects that style.

1. Introduce various styles and genres of holiday music (e.g., -Sleigh Ride- - pop or jazz; -Channukah Tryptich- - folk; -Wenceslas Variations- - march, folk; -Greensleeves- - classical).
2. Teach the different styles of music through daily rehearsal.
3. Share the performance rubric (see attached file) with the students.
4. Students select a piece of music from the repertoire.
5. The student records:
(a) an introduction of the piece selected, describing the style of music and making reference to the origin of the piece, including interesting components or purpose. The teacher provides samples of introduction using common folk songs or carols as examples of styles and genre.
(b) a performance of the selection in the style described.
6. Using the rubric, the teacher evaluates progress of introduction and performance prior to final student taping.
7. Students submit the tape to the teacher for assessment.


Use the Audio Tape Assessment Rubric provided in the attached file to assess the student's performance.

Different styles of music are created through....

Attached Files

The Audio Tape Assessment Rubric for the activity.     File Extension: pdf

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