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Nobody Does It Better

Terry Gladfelter


The students complete a journal entry using criteria developed for justifying the type of music they prefer.


The student drafts and revises writing that: is focused, purposeful, and reflects insight into the writing situation; has an organizational pattern that provides for a logical progression of ideas; has effective use of transitional devices that contribute to a sense of completeness; has support that is substantial, specific, relevant, and concrete; demonstrates a commitment to and involvement with the subject; uses creative writing strategies as appropriate to the purpose of the paper; demonstrates a mature command of language with precision of expression; has varied sentence structure; and has few, if any, convention errors in mechanics, usage, punctuation, and spelling.

The student establishes a strategy for making informed, critical evaluations of the quality and/or the effectiveness of a performance.

The student uses informed consumer choices concerning music based on personal criteria (e.g., rationalizes and defends music preferences).


-Student journal


Explanation of form of writing to be used.


Authentic Context
You and your classmates in band class are discussing preferences in music. Responses like -It's good for dancing,- -Because my parents don't like it,- -I like the way it sounds- were given. The teacher used this conversation to teach students how to make value judgments. After this lesson, you must write a journal entry justifying the type of music you like and purchase.

1. Teacher explains criteria and evidence for value judgment:
*a. state and explore a value question (e.g., why do I like hip, hop? Classical music is my favorite because...)
b. develop criteria for judgment (e.g., instrumental, vocal, group size, composition of group)
c. assemble the facts (e.g., this group meets the following criteria...)
d. test the value judgment
2. Students should complete a journal entry justifying why they like and purchase a particular type of music.

*Information found in Florida Performance Measurement System Domain Document, pages 181-187.


Give the students the following prompt for the journal entry: -My choice and selection of music is based upon...-

Use the Assessment Rubric provided in the Associated File to evaluate the response.
The Florida Writes! scale of assessment could also be used to evaluate the response. A copy can be found in the Associated File.



Attached Files

(3 pages) Florida Writes Rubric, Assessment Rubric     File Extension: pdf

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