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News Anchor

Mary LaLane


Students understand the effect of volume, stress, pacing, and pronunciation on the deliverance of a mock newscast.


The student understands how volume, stress, pacing, and pronunciation can positively or negatively affect an oral presentation.


-Selected clips from news programs.
-Rubric for assessment


Create a videotape containing a variety of news programs.


Authentic Context: Your hard work has finally paid off! The local television station has chosen you as a possible replacement for the anchor on the 6:00 o'clock news. Currently, the station leads the competition in that time period and is looking for a strong anchor to help them maintain that position. The stationís manager has asked you to prepare a mock news presentation so that (s)he can observe your speaking skills. This is your big chance!

1. Teacher facilitates a discussion of characteristics of an effective oral presentation, focusing on volume, stress, pacing, and pronunciation.
2. Class watches selected clips from news programs. (Quality of these clips should vary so that students can see differences between an effective and an ineffective presentation.)
3. Students discuss specific aspects of the clips that either added to or detracted from the effectiveness of the speakerís presentation.
4. Teacher explains the rubric to the students.
5. Each student prepares and delivers a one minute presentation based on a current news story according to the rubric.
6. Each student evaluates other students' presentations using the given -Listeners- checklist.




1. Choose a subject based on a news event that is relevant to your audience. yes no
2. Limit the subject of the current event so that it can be explained in the speech and reflects the objectiveness of a correct news report. yes no
3. Outline the talk. yes no
4. Prepare an interesting introduction. yes no
5. Arrange ideas and present them logically. yes no
6. Restate important ideas. yes no
7. Give closure to one part of the news report before beginning the next segment of the news report. yes no
8. Use nonverbal signals effectively. yes no
9. Speak in a conversational tone inviting audience trust. yes no


1. Evaluate talks according to the evaluation form provided to the audience by the teacher. Form should include:
a. Content is current and important. yes no
b. Content is explained thoroughly using:
1) Who? 2) What?
3) When?
4) Where?
5) How or Why? yes no

c. Nonverbal communication is objective and not subjective; it does not influence the audience in one way or another. yes no
d. Voice is clear, and can be heard easily. yes no
e. Enunciation and pronunciation are clear. yes no

Students complete a -Ticket Out the Door-, highlighting the areas they excelled in and the areas they need to improve.

Assessment Solution:

The teacher will use the rubric to assess the presentation. This rubric is a suggestion. Any rubric should be an assessment tool which reflects the process that leads to the product expected.


Students can video tape each other's presentation.
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