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I Heard It on the Radio

Terry Gladfelter


Students will create a portfolio that reflects knowledge of present day professional musicians or individuals related to the music industry.


The student locates, gathers, analyzes, and evaluates written information for a variety of purposes, including research projects, real-world tasks, and self-improvement.

The student analyzes the validity and reliability of primary source information and uses the information appropriately.

The student synthesizes information from multiple sources to draw conclusions.

The student understands the influence of significant composers and performers on music styles, traditions, and performance practices.

The student understands how the uniqueness of a given work of music serves to define its artistic tradition and its cultural context.

The student uses informed consumer choices concerning music based on personal criteria (e.g., rationalizes and defends music preferences).

The student knows the various roles that musicians perform (e.g., entertainer, teacher, or transmitter of cultural tradition), representative individuals who have functioned in these roles, and their achievements.


-Music Publications
-Internet music sites
-Radio station personnel


Prepare a sample portfolio containing all required information.
Secure computer time on computers with internet access.
Collect music magazines and media guides.


Authentic Context:
You are applying for the disc jockey position at your school radio station. Part of the application requires a portfolio that reflects your knowledge of at least ten present day professional musicians or individuals related to the music industry.

1. Explain the scenario to the students.
2. Teach students how to organize a portfolio. Discuss the importance of a portfolio and how it could be used to reflect your talents and impress a prospective employer. The portfolio should exhibit professional characteristics and be aesthetically pleasing.
3. Each portfolio entry must include the following information:
a) Person's identify
b) Job description
c) Educational background
d) Cultural or societal contributions
e) Past achievements
4. Provide time for students to research the Internet for information.
5. Encourage students to request interviews with local professionals in the music industry to include in the portfolio. Discuss the proper way to request an interview and develop interview questions. Explain the need for appropriate attire and manners while conducting the interview.


Use the -I Heard It On the Radio- Assessment Rubric provided in the Associated File to assess the student portfolio.

A reading passage and question for use as FCAT Reading practice are provided.

Choose one individual or job and describe why you would or would not want that person's job or career.


Have students create a portfolio on musicians of a particular decade or era in American or European history.

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