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Get Physical

Brian Rowland


Students research a physical exercise using primary source information. Students analyze the information and write a report that validates, rejects, or qualifies the information.


The student selects and uses appropriate study and research skills and tools according to the type of information being gathered or organized, including almanacs, government publications, microfiche, news sources, and information services.

The student analyzes the validity and reliability of primary source information and uses the information appropriately.

The student selects and uses a variety of speaking strategies to clarify meaning and to reflect understanding, interpretation, application, and evaluation of content, processes, or experiences, including asking relevant questions when necessary, making appropriate and meaningful comments, and making insightful observations.

The student develops and sustains a line of argument and provides appropriate support.


-Primary source material (e.g., books on jogging, aerobics, weight lifting)
-Library and Internet access
-Assessment Criteria Rubric (Associated File)


Reserve the library for research.
Contact the Physical Educational department for resource material.


Authentic Context:
You have been hired by an athletic club. Your boss cannot decide in which area of the club he wants to place you. You want to impress him with your knowledge. Select a particular type of physical exercise, such as jogging or aerobics, and find information from a variety of primary sources that either supports or rejects the effectiveness and reliability of the activity. Share your findings with him in a brief oral report.

1. Facilitate a discussion of primary source information and how to validate that information.
2. Introduce the assignment and facilitate a discussion of a physical exercise that interests students (e.g., jogging, aerobics, weight lifting).
3. Bring in an example of primary source information and demonstrate how information from a variety of sources can either support or reject the effectiveness and reliability of the activity.
4. Students brainstorm and develop a thesis about the physical activity.
5. Students locate primary source material in the library and on the Internet and read articles about the physical activity.
6. Students take notes using a graphic organizer to chart pros and cons of the activity.
7. Students write a report which either validates, rejects, or qualifies their original thesis.
8. Students make brief oral reports to the class.
9. The process and report should be evaluated using the Assessment Criteria Rubric provided in the Associated File.


Use the Assessment Criteria Rubric provided in the Associated File to assess the process and report.

An FCAT Reading Assessment practice is provided in the Associated File also.

How can you determine fact from opinion when conducting research?


Students will analyze the validity and reliablity of primary source information.
Students will understand that some information will support a viewpoint while another source may reject the same viewpoint.
Students can make their reports into a newscast, announcing a new finding in the field of physical exercise.
Students can take either side of the issue and stage a debate for the class.
Students can write a research paper using their findings to support their thesis.

Attached Files

The Assessment Criteria.     File Extension: pdf

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