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Place Value Popsicles

Sandi Tidwell


The student will explore regrouping and place value in a game format using concrete models.


The student uses place-value concepts of grouping based upon powers of ten (thousandths, hundredths, tenths, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands) within the decimal number system.


-50 popsicle sticks for each player

-5 rubber bands for each player



-Prepare materials for each group

-Teach lesson on place value for ones, tens, and hundreds


1. Divide students into groups of two-four.

2. Give each group the materials listed above, placing all popsicle sticks in a pile in the center of the table.

3. Let students take turns rolling the dice. On each turn, the student will take the number of popsicle sticks shown on the rolled die. These represent the units place.

4. When a student has rolled a total of ten or more popsicles, he/she will bundle up ten to represent the tens place.

5. The students will continue this procedure until one of the students has accumulated five bundles of popsicle sticks, or five tens.

6. This process can be repeated as long as time allows.

7. You may also reverse the process and teach subtraction instead of addition by regrouping. Start with five bundles of popsicles, and subtract the number of popsicle sticks shown when the dice is thrown. You would keep going until one of the students has used all his/her popsicle sticks.


Possible assessment could include:

1. Teacher observation - Teacher would walk around during the game and observe students based on the following criteria:

a) How are students managing the material? (Popsicle sticks, dice, and rubberbands)

b) How effectively are they communicating with other members of their groups?

c) Are they correctly regrouping when they roll their dice?

d) Are they cooperating with other members of their group in accordance with cooperative learning rules?

2. Math journals - Have students explain in their journals which skills or concepts they learned in participating in this lesson. The entry can be scored using the FCAT Math response rubric.
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