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Travel Agent Presentation

Brian Rowland


Students demonstrate study and research skills by creating a brief audio-visual presentation that promotes a country. Students use use a variety of reference materials.


The student selects and uses appropriate study and research skills and tools according to the type of information being gathered or organized, including almanacs, government publications, microfiche, news sources, and information services.


-Internet and library access
-Travel brochure samples


1. Locate Internet access for students within the school.
2. Schedule time in the Media Center for research.


Tell students:
You work for your country’s tourism bureau, and you have been directed to produce a brief audio-visual presentation. Your presentation will be viewed by an international group of travel agents in order to encourage travel to your country. Using a variety of sources, including standard print sources and Internet searches, find information that will help you create your travel brochure. Present a script that outlines your presentation.

1. Facilitate a discussion of selecting countries for the report.

2. Present possible sources for the project, including library print reference books, as well as other sources of information about the country (e.g., writing to the embassy, accessing the country’s Webpage on the Internet).

3. Review the assessment criteria prior to students doing the work.

4. Students go to the library and/or computer lab to find information on their countries. Students will use a minimum of four sources.

5. Students take notes and then make an outline of the areas to be covered in their presentations.

6. Students assess the scripts for the brief audio-visual presentations.

7. Assess the scripts according to the rubric developed. (See assessment.)


Assessment Criteria

Excellent....................Not Yet

1. Student has used at least four different sources. 4 3 2 1

2. Student has taken notes, recognizing important supporting details. 4 3 2 1

3. Student has outlined the material. 4 3 2 1

4. Student has written a script that focuses on the task of attracting tourists. 4 3 2 1

5. Student has written a script that clearly outlines the visuals that will be used in the presentation. 4 3 2 1

6. Student has written a script that clearly outlines the audio that will be used in the presentation. 4 3 2 1

7. The writing demonstrates evidence of research. 4 3 2 1

Self-reflection: What steps would I alter next time if I were to do this project again?


--Students prepare an audio-visual presentation using PowerPoint or a similar computer program.
--Students create a newsletter promoting tourism.
--Students form panels with each student presenting his or her country to the class. The class evaluates the presentation as if they were travel agents.
--Students create a television commercial promoting tourism with their chosen country.
--Students create a rap that will entice tourists to come to their country.
--Students create a collage depicting the important sites, vegetation and fauna in their country.
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