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Write into Fantasy, Humor and Suspense

Donna Woods


Students write a narrative on a given topic using suspense, humor, or fantasy.


The student revises draft to further develop a piece of writing by adding, deleting, and rearranging ideas and details.

The student creates a central focus through the use of suspense, humor, creativity, or fantasy.


- Overhead transparency of the writing prompt (see attached file)
- Overhead projector and pen
- Three blank overhead transparencies
- Several children's books of fantasy, suspense and humor. Authors or series such as Judy Blume, Hardy Boys, C.S. Lewis, Boxcar Children etc.
-One copy of Six Traits scoring rubric for ideas (see weblink)


1. Make one overhead transparency of the writing prompt (see attached file)
2. Gather one copy of several well known books that are fantasy, humorous, or suspenseful. Authors or series such as Judy Blume, Hardy Boys, C.S. Lewis, Boxcar Children etc.
3. Make one copy of the teacher scoring guide on ideas from the Six Traits Website. (


1. Discuss with the students books and stories that they have read that were suspenseful. Write the titles on the overhead and discuss what made the books suspenseful. List several characteristics of suspenseful stories on the overhead.

2. Do the same for humorous books or stories and fantasy books or stories.

3. Display the writing prompt on the overhead. (see attached file) Discuss some things that could happen if this story were a humorous one. Do the same for suspense and fantasy.

4. Divide the students into groups of three.

5. Assign each group to write either a suspense, humorous, or fantasy story from the given prompt.

6. After the stories are written, orally discuss the criteria from Six Traits scoring rubric on ideas. They should revise their stories in their groups based on the Six Traits criteria. (see weblink)

7. Share stories orally with the class.

8. Evaluate using the Six Traits teacher scoring rubric for ideas found at the Six Traits website (


Evaluate the students work using the six traits scoring guide.


After completing the group project, students of all ability levels should be able to write another story of their own using a theme of suspense, humor, or fantasy.

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