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Quit Playing Games on My Chart

Diane Weiner


Students correctly identify an instrument or family of instruments after listening to a taped excerpt of the instrument being played.


The student identifies, upon hearing, familiar instruments and voice types (e.g., trumpet, piano, child, or adult).


-A tic tac toe game board (drawn on board or made from construction paper)
-Treble clef and Bass clef symbols (five of each) sized to fit the game board squares
-Audio equipment
-Taped excerpts of a variety of instruments (use the CD’s that accompany either of the state adopted texts)
-*One set of pictures of individual instruments and families of instruments for each student (could be drawn by the students in art class). Pictures should be large enough to be identified by the teacher when held up by the student. *For assessment purposes.


Make a tic tac toe game board or draw on board and make Treble and Bass clef symbols. (If the game board is drawn on a whiteboard, magnets may be glued onto the back of Treble and Bass clef symbols.)


Authentic Context:
You are a contestant on a game show “Name That Instrument.” Your team must correctly identify an instrument after listening to a taped excerpt of the instrument being played.

1. Have the class create a list of all the instruments they have been studying.
2. Play a taped excerpt of an instrument and ask the students to correctly identify the instrument being played.
3. Explain how to play “Name That Instrument.”
a. Divide the class into two teams, Treble clef and Bass clef. (At this time you will want to explain what a Treble and Bass clef are if students have not yet been taught these symbols.)
b. Flip a coin to see which team plays first.
c. Post the nine square game board (or draw on the board).
d. Play a taped excerpt of an instrument.
e. Ask the team that won the coin toss to identify the instrument. If they correctly identify the instrument, one member places the team symbol in one of the squares on the game board. If the team gives an incorrect answer, the second team has a chance to identify the instrument and place their team symbol in a square. If the second team is incorrect, the first team receives another chance. If they are incorrect a second time, the second team receives a second chance. If neither team can identify the instrument after two tries, reveal the type of instrument to the class. Play another excerpt. The team that lost the coin toss now has first chance to identify the instrument. Continue play as described above. The first team to place three instruments in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins the game.


The game can be played and used as a class assessment. To assess individual students, play an excerpt and have each student hold up the picture of the instrument. The teacher can quickly glance at the pictures being held up by students to check which instruments have been correctly identified.

I can identify the . . . most easily because . . .
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