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Are You Coordinated?

Sissy Gandy
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students learn how to locate coordinate points on a grid. They create a graph during the lesson and identify the coordinate points.


The student locates and identifies the coordinate points of objects on a coordinate grid (first quadrant).


-Poster of a grid (See attachment.)
-Old workbooks or clip art from word processing program
-5 pairs of stickers per student (ex. 2 red star stickers, 2 frog stickers, 2 smiley stickers, etc.)
-One copy of attachment for each student


1. Draw the worksheet on a poster to use with the class. (See attached file.)
2. Cut out 6 clipart pictures from an old workbook or word processing program.
3. Gather stickers for students to use. ( Each child will need 5 pairs of stickers.)
4. Get 1 copy of the worksheet for each student. (See attached file.)


1. Get students' attention by telling them that today they will be learning about a special type of graph called a coordinate graph.
2. Introduce a grid by showing students the poster of the grid. Explain that a grid has horizontal and vertical lines by pointing out each type of line to the students. Tell the students that an object is going to be placed on the grid, and they will learn how to find their way to the object.
4. Point out to students that the starting point on this graph is the left corner at the bottom of the grid where the word -start- is located. Then they move -over- to the right counting each vertical line until they get under the object they are trying to find. They write this number down in the box beside the picture under the arrow pointing to the right.
5. Next, they need to count each horizontal line moving -up- toward the top of the graph until they are on top of the object. They write that number down in the box beside the picture under the arrow pointing up toward the top of the grid.
6. The teacher glues a clipart picture on the grid at coordinates (2,3).
7. The teacher demonstrates for students how to -move over- 2 vertical lines and -move up- 3 horizontal lines. Emphasize -move over 2 and up 3-.
8. Explain to students that coordinate points come in pairs, so (2,3) would be coordinate points to locate this picture.
9. Glue another clipart picture on the grid. Call on students to tell you the coordinate points.
10. Repeat number 10 as many times as needed for students to grasp the concept.
11. Hand out the student worksheet from the attached file and 10 stickers (5 pairs of stickers) to each student.
12. Have students create their own graph by placing 5 different stickers on the grid where the horizontal lines cross the vertical lines.
13. Then, direct students to stick the matching 5 stickers in the blocks where the coordinate points can be written beside them.
14. Students complete the worksheet by locating each sticker and writing the coordinate points in the boxes by each corresponding sticker.
15. Teacher assesses activity.


Students should complete the assessment worksheet with 80% accuracy.


You can have students create the coordinate graph, exchange papers with a partner, and complete their partner's graph to complete the lesson.

I make copies of school pictures from the previous year so that I can use my students' faces on the grid to create the graph. You just need to remember that you need two pictures of each child. One picture goes on the grid, and the other picture shows where the coordinate points will be written. These are great for follow-up activities for center time.

The teacher could give students the coordinate points and have them identify which picture is located at those points.
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