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What's the Story?

Janice Wilkins
Santa Rosa District Schools


Using the novel [The Giver] by Lois Lowry, students write a continuation story based on Jonas’s and Gabriel’s journeys into Elsewhere.


The student focuses on a central idea or topic (for example, excluding loosely related, extraneous, or repetitious information).

The student demonstrates a command of the language (including but not limited to precise word choice, appropriate figurative language).

The student recognizes that a literary text elicit a variety of valid responses.


-Class copies of novel [The Giver] by Lois Lowry
-Pen or pencil
-Chart paper
-Transparency of Rubric Scoring for Ideas and Word Choice


1. Complete reading of the novel [The Giver] by Lois Lowry.
2. Prepare transparency of scoring rubrics for ideas and word choice.
3. Collect all materials for group work.


BACKGROUND: Students have had prior instruction on the Six Traits of Writing Rubric and have read the novel [The Giver] by Lois Lowry.

1. Teacher reviews Rubric Scoring for Ideas and Word Choice on overhead for class.

2. Teacher divides students into groups of four.

3. Teacher instructs groups to discuss ideas for what happens as Jonas and Gabriel enter Elsewhere. Students record ideas on chart paper.

4. Students, as a group, write a continuation of the story of Jonas' and Gabe’s adventures in Elsewhere.

5. Students choose a storyteller to share the story with class.

6. Teacher scores stories using the Six Traits of Writing Scoring Rubrics for Ideas and Word Choice. (See Web site:


The teacher assesses the studentsí stories using the rubric for scoring ideas and word choice. The rubrics are from Vicki Spandellís Six Traits of Writing.(See Web site or


This activity may be used with any novel.

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