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Is that a Fact?

Kim Forgione


Students work in small groups to identify facts and opinions in a selected reading sample.


The student recognizes the difference between fact and opinion presented in a text.


-Reading samples from non-fiction sources such as newspapers, magazines, social studies text, or a selection from your reading series
*You may give each group a different selection or have them all use the same one.
-Definition posters for -Fact- and -Opinion-
-Chart paper and markers
-Overhead, chalkboard or white board
-Copies of Student Practice page for each student (See file.)


1) Prepare 2 facts/2 opinion statements about yourself to share with students.
2) Gather chart paper, markers, and reading samples to be used by groups.
3)*Optional: Assign students to a group and make a simple chart of assignments.
4) Copy definition posters and Student Practice page from the file attached to this lesson.


1) Gain students' attention by writing two appropriate facts and two appropriate opinions about yourself on the board or overhead. Read them aloud.
2) Ask volunteers to determine which statements are facts and which are opinions. Have them explain their choices.
3) Show the definition posters for -Fact- and -Opinion- and discuss the differences between them.
4) Inform students they will work in small groups to find and record facts and opinions in a selected reading sample. Pass out the reading samples.
5) Students get into groups OR you assign the groups, and they read the selection together. They decide as a group on statements that are facts or opinions and elect one student to record the answers on chart paper. You may designate the -recorder-.
6) After 15-20 minutes, call -time- and discuss each group's choices. Refer back to the definition cards and correct any errors the students may have.
7) Collect chart paper and markers and have students return to their own seats.
8) Assign Student Practice sheet and collect these for assessment of each student's understanding of the lesson.


The Student Practice page will be used to assess students' ability to differentiate between fact and opinion. Students who score below 70% should be given further instruction and practice.

Attached Files

Definition posters for "Fact" and "Opinion" and Student Practice page     File Extension: pdf

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