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Cause-and-Effect Scavenger Hunt

Kim Forgione


Students go on a scavenger hunt to locate and identify cause-and-effect relationships in a reading selection.


The student recognizes cause-and-effect relationships in literary texts.


-Copies of books for each student or an excerpt from a class literature book such as THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE by C.S. Lewis
-Definition cards for -Cause- and -Effect- (See file.)
-Examples and non-examples of cause-and-effect relationships in text (See file.)
-Copies of Cause-and-Effect Scavenger Hunt sheet for each student (See file.)
-Chalkboard, overhead or chart paper


1) Choose an appropriate literature book or an excerpt from a literature book that contains many clear examples of cause-and-effect relationships and provide copies of the book or excerpt for each student.
2) Make a hard copy of the Cause-and-Effect Scavenger Hunt sheet and complete the clues to match the book you will be using.
3) Make student copies of the Scavenger Hunt sheet you prepared.
4) Copy the definition cards for -Cause- and -Effect- and the examples/non-examples. You may want to make a transparency of each page or rewrite the information on chart paper or on the board.


1) Gain students' attention by announcing they will conduct a scavenger hunt in today's reading lesson.
2) Inform them they will track down cause-and-effect relationships in their literature books or copies of an excerpt from their literature book.
3) Show and discuss the definition cards for -Cause- and -Effect- and the examples and non-examples from the file attached to this lesson. Keep the definition cards posted for students to refer to as they work.
4) Give each student a copy of the Cause-and-Effect Scavenger Hunt sheet. Provide copies of the literature book or copies of the excerpt they will need to do the scavenger hunt.
5) Clarify directions and allow students 30-40 minutes to complete their hunt.
6) Direct students to turn in their Cause-and-Effect Scavenger Hunt sheets to be graded.


Use the Cause-and-Effect Scavenger Hunt sheet to assess students' understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Students who score below a 70% should receive further instruction and practice. You may pair students up so that those who need remediation may work with those who have mastered the skill of identifying cause-and-effect relationships. The pairs may work together to locate other cause-and-effect relationships within the assigned text or within the text of their choosing. Further instruction might also include having students match up given causes with their effects.
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