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Color My World

Donna Woods


Students write poems using color to describe their feelings and environment.


The student uses a variety of strategies to prepare for writing (for example, brainstorming, making lists, mapping ideas, grouping related ideas, keeping a notebook of ideas, observing surroundings, answering questions posed by others).

The student uses creative writing strategies appropriate to the format (for example, using appropriate voice; using descriptive language to clarify ideas and create vivid images; using elements of style, such as appropriate tone).

The student writes for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes (for example, journals to reflect upon ideas, reports to describe scientific observations).

The student uses electronic technology to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information (including but not limited to word-processing software, electronic encyclopedias).

The student understands the distinguishing features of literary texts (for example, fiction, drama, poetry, biography, historical fiction, chapter books).


-One copy of HAILSTONES AND HALIBUT BONES by Mary O'Neill, Doubleday 1989
- One copy of -Student Writing Center- software, The Learning Company
-Pencil and several sheets of notebook paper per student
-Computer and colored printer


1. Get one copy of the book HAILSTONES AND HALIBUT BONES by Mary O'Neill, Doubleday Publishers, 1989.
2. Read through the book and become familiar with the poetry.
3. Load one or more computers with the -Student Writing Center- software or another word processing program.
4. Set the margins, etc. for the program according to how you want the layout of the students' poems to look.
5. Make a time schedule for each student to use the computer or computers.


1. Discuss favorite colors and what you like best about those colors. Ask the students how certain colors make them feel.
2. On paper, have the students list as many green things as they can think of. (frogs, grass, leaves, olives, etc) Have the students share one green thing on their list.
3. Read to the students -Green- from the book HAILSTONES AND HALIBUT BONES. Discuss the green things that were mentioned in the poem. Then discuss which things mentioned were objects and which were feelings. Now have them add to their list feelings that might be green. They can use the green feelings (envy etc) from the poem and come up with their own green feelings.
4. On another piece of paper, have the students list as many blue things as they can think of. Encourage them to include both objects and feelings. (sky, sadness, cold etc)
5. Have the students share from their list. Then read -Blue- from HAILSTONES AND HALIBUT BONES and discuss. Students may add to their blue list after the poem is discussed.
6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 for as many colors as you wish from the book.
7. When all colors have been listed from step #6, have students choose one color and write a poem from their list for that color. The poem may rhyme or not rhyme.
8. When poems are written, each student will use a computer to type the poem using -Student Writing Center-. They will use the same color font as their poem is describing. Demostrate for the students how to set the font color and style.
9. After they have typed their poems on the computer, individually edit with the students the poems and print them.
10. Collect the printed poem, handwritten copy and the prewiting list.
10. Have each student read his/her poem to the class.


The following criteria is used to evaluate the poems.

____ Student made a list of a specific color using both objects and feelings.
_____ Student wrote a poem using some of the objects and feelings listed.
_____Student typed his/her poem on the computer using appropriate colored font.
_____Student shared with the class his/her poem.

You may want to assign a point value to each part if you wish to assign a letter/numeric grade to the activity.


You could print two copies of the poem and keep one at school for a class poetry book. Students may want to illustrate their poems using only the one color that they wrote about.

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