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Personality Plus

Deloris Morris
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students create a -Personality Box- and present to classmates using specific speaking skills.


The student demonstrates nonverbal cues to convey a message to an audience (for example, movement, gestures, facial expressions).

The student organizes and effectively delivers a speech using a beginning, middle, and end.

The student identifies the occasion, audience, and purpose for speaking.


-Textbook [English Composition and Grammar] Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Orlando, 1988.) Any text can be used if it has a Speech Unit.
-Shoe boxes
-Personality items such as pictures


Prepare your own -Personality Box- to use as an example.
Prepare lessons on giving a short speech ( see textbook).
Prepare lessons or instruction for group work.


Day 1
1. Teacher instructs students on the skills of giving a short speech and working in groups (this can be found on pages 646-655 in the above mentioned text or use the text that is available to you); see assessment for criteria.

2. Teacher places students in groups of three or four and has them practice by talking about themselves to the group.

Day 2
1. Teacher gives instruction on how to create a -Personality Box.- I use a medium-size shoebox and cover it with pictures and items that reflect my personality, including family, friends, hobbies,etc. The box can be 3-dimensional.

2. Teacher presents his or her -Personality Box- modeling all criteria for giving a short speech, including a time limit ( I try to limit them to 3-5 minutes).

3. Teacher assigns, for homework, students to bring in a shoe box and items to begin their box in class.

Day 3
1. Teacher uses this day to allow students to begin their boxes in class and monitor progress.

2. Students complete the box at home.

Day 4
1. Teacher allows class time to give presentations ( you may need more than one day to do this step, depending on class size).

2. Teacher assesses students' personality boxes and presentations.


Two grades can be given for this project: one for speaking skills and one for the visual display.
The following rubrics are offered for each:
Speaking Skills---
Three----Students' presentations have an effective and clear beginning, middle and end; they also use nonverbal cues to convey their message to a particular audience.
Two------Students' presentations have a beginning, middle and end, and they use some nonverbal cues for their particular audience.
One----Students' presentations do not have a clear beginning, middle and end and they do not use many nonverbal cues to their audience.
Rubric for the -Personality Box-
Awesome---Students' -Boxes- are highly creative, employing excellent materials that convey their personality. Their work is neat and colorful and attractive to the eye.
Admirable--Students' -Boxes- include all the necessary elements that convey their personality, and their boxes are neat and attractive.
Accepatble--Students' -Boxes- somewhat convey their personality, but the box may lack neatness and attractiveness.
Unacceptable-- Students' -Boxes- do not display enough information to convey their personality, and it is poorly constructed.


This is a great activity to do the first six weeks of school because it allows the teacher to get to know students. It can also be done just before holidays.
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