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Skyfires, Rainbows, and Color Words

Liz West


Students listen to the story, SKYFIRE by Frank Asch. The students make their own -skyfires- and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of color words.


The student identifies and classifies common words from within basic categories.

The student uses spelling approximations and some conventional spelling.


-1 copy of the book SKYFIRE by Frank Asch, 1984, New York, Scholastic
-1 sheet of 9-x12- white paper for each student
-blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and purple crepe paper streamers
-1 glue bottle per student
-1 blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and purple marker per group of four students


1. Obtain a copy of the book SKYFIRE by Frank Asch.
2. Cut crepe paper streamers into 12 inch lengths.
3. Have markers, glue, and white paper ready for each child.


1. Gain students' attention by asking if any of them know what a -skyfire- is? After students have the opportunity to respond, tell them you will read them a story that will explain what a skyfire is.
2. Read aloud the story SKYFIRE by Frank Asch.
3. After reading the story, discuss with your students how Bear and Little Bird felt about the rainbow.
4. Elicit responses from children about which character had the -right- idea of the rainbow. This should lead easily into a discussion about what a rainbow is and how it is formed.
5. Lead the discussion by telling students what colors are in a rainbow and the order in which they always appear in the sky.
6. List the information on the board for the students to see. (I use a different color marker that corresponds with the color word that I am writing.)
7. Tell students they will make their own -skyfires- using the information they have just learned about rainbows.
8. Distribute one sheet of white paper to each child.
9. After the students have their paper, show the children how to gently tear around the two short sides of the paper and around one of the long sides to make the paper look like a cloud.
10. Explain to students that they will not tear the other long side of the paper, since that end will be used for gluing the streamers.
11. After modeling the torn paper procedure, show students that they will glue six different colored streamers along the straight edge of the cloud paper.
12. Glue about one inch of each streamer to the straight edge of the cloud paper. This will leave the rest of the streamer hanging down.
13. Show students how to glue their streamers in rainbow color order.
14. Pass out streamers and glue to each group.
15. Give students 10-15 minutes to get their streamers glued onto their clouds.
16. After each group of children has finished gluing down their streamers, have one student from each group collect glue bottles, and any extra streamers.
17. After the materials have been collected, pass out colored markers to each group.
18. Explain to each group that they will be writing the color word above the streamer with the same color of marker as the streamer.
19. When students have finished writing the color words, collect markers and their finished product to hang from the classroom for a pretty display.


Students will be assessed using the following criteria:
E - Student is able to identify all six of the color words on the skyfire and uses correct spelling for all six color words.
S - Student is able to identify 4 or 5 of the color words on the skyfire and uses spelling approximations and some correct spelling.
N - Student is able to identify 2 or 3 of the color words on the skyfire and uses no correct spelling; some spelling approximations are used.
U - Student is able to identify less than 2 color words on the skyfire and is not able to use spelling approximations to write color words.
Assessment for Cooperative Workers will be as follows:
E - Each group member completes project without any conflicts from within the group.
S - Each group member is able to complete the project with only minor conflicts that did not require the teacher to resolve.
N - Each group member may or may not finish the project . There is much conflict and teacher intervention is required to resolve problems.
U - Each group member is unable to complete project. There is much conflict that requires teacher intervention to resolve problems.


This is a lesson that I like to teach at the beginning of first grade to review color words with the students. It could also be used as a link to a science weather unit.

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